Sunday, March 31, 2013

Puma concolor coryi: Definition of loving bliss, "Loving Bliss and friends" letter, Love as connecting, NtF-wise, the Harbin warm pool, Best love?


{Here's a definition of loving bliss from my "Loving Bliss and friends" letter:

"While the following definition doesn't fully explain what loving bliss is for me, it does involve experiences that are deeply, gratefully harmonizing, and reciprocally appreciative and affectionate, both with a friend or friends, and alone, as well as profoundly and naturally high at the same time, and which are ongoing, biological, 'flow' experiences. What is loving bliss for you? For me, it may be, metaphorically, '... the valley of love and delight.'"

What is loving bliss for friends on this NtF list, especially in the context of this conversation about love? How do you elicit loving bliss neurophysiology, NtF-wise?

I may ask these questions in the text chat of the online Quaker Meeting I attend occasionally, as well.

... The unprogrammed, Quaker Meeting in the 3D virtual world of Second Life - - meets on Saturday mornings from 10-11 am Pacific Time, and I'll see what discernment I can bring to your conclusions' question, Ananda, about my "conclusions or insights about love, attraction, sexuality and nakedness," vis-a-and perhaps NtF-wise.

You'll find this online Quaker Meeting URL / web site address here, too - - in my "Loving bliss as friends" letter online, which has further thoughts and conclusions about loving bliss}.

So, as kinds of conclusions or insights about love, attraction, sexuality and nakedness, (and perhaps NtF-wise), to the above, ...

love as connecting {positively} - through acceptance and through nurturing one another, or of ourselves by soaking and releasing naked, in the Harbin warm pool (and potentially online virtually while in your bathtub, as well, with parallels to the Harbin warm pool, as a kind of metaphorical, musical score, or gathered, friendly, improvisational opera, bodymind-wise) - seems to have emerged at Harbin, chosen by its visitors, thanks to its milieu, or subculture. Nontheist Friends seem to be creating another kind of  email-mediated subculture, where the explicit exploration of questions of NtF ideas about, and experiences of, love are possible, in new ways, and as conversation, just as NtFs are unfoldingly generating new ideas, perhaps partly in conversation with the RSoF. How to generate ongoingly best aspects of love, per these ideas about love - - or what you think of as love, seems ripe here, as a kind of querying conclusion. In what ways might we learn and teach love, NtF-wise?

I'm very glad we NtFs are having this unfolding conversation about love. Thank you.

Do any of you know the 4-part, beautiful round, "Take the time to sit in silence" which really chimes when sung together?

With F/friendly greetings,


I've added these two, concluding paragraphs above about love - - with a few more ideas within. 


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