Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bees and flowers: PRESS RELEASE: World University and School is open and accepting, undergraduate applications for this autumn 2014, Accreditation Process

Hi, Scott. So you finally did it! Is there a press release?

How do you handle accreditation?




World University and School is open and accepting, undergraduate applications for this autumn 2014.

Students will be taking 32 of these courses over 4 years - - for free (C.C.) and MIT-centric, online, accrediting, WUaS, undergraduate degrees, in English (then in other languages -

The College at World University and School -

This is great, fascinating and exciting, and WUaS has gotten no press about this.

Classes will initially meet in Google + Hangouts, and registration will occur via Google Docs ...


Here's information about how to apply:

Admissions at World University and School -


Accreditation, first with the state of California's Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) and then with WASC senior (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is a three stage process, with full accreditation, with WASC senior, occurring only after WUaS graduates its first undergraduate class, probably in 2018, and WUaS has received the 'green light' from both organizations.


Creative Commons' licensed World University and School, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, plans to offer free, online, bachelor, Ph.D., law, I.B. and M.D. degrees, in many, large languages, beginning with WUaS's first, online, undergraduate class this autumn 2014.


Wait, so you do have accreditation? Why isn't this front-page news?



Hi, A,

Accreditation is a very long process ... and prospective, high achieving students interested in free (since C.C.), MIT-centric, WUaS degrees will have to assume that (or analyze whether or not) WUaS will carry through with the many stages (documents, fees, etc.) of the accreditation process, first in English and in California and in the U.S., (especially vis-a-vis transfer students both in and out, etc.).

WUaS has met in person with WASC senior for an hour and a quarter, and been in significant email correspondence with BPPE, and received the green light from both.

And accreditation with BPPE and WASC senior is the very beginning for WUaS of accrediting in many countries, especially for law schools plus.


World University and School
(like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware)

P.O. Box 442,
(86 Ridgecrest Road),
Canyon, CA 94516

415 480 4577

Google + main, WUaS page:


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