Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fairy Basslet: Robert Shiller, Nobel Laureate and Yale University Professor of Finance, His Creative Commons' licensed, Yale OYC course on WUaS's Finance page, Upcoming Coursera, Finance course

Robert Shiller, Nobel Laureate and Yale University Professor of Finance, His C.C. Yale OYC course on WUaS's Finance page, Upcoming Coursera course

@YaleLive with Robert Shiller

- Economy now (5:45) ... "rising inequality ... largely connected to information technology" ... that this "doesn't impoverish whole sections of the world" ...

- what he won the Nobel prize for (7:10) ... financial bubbles defined ...

- moral obligation for the rich to give away their wealth (17:00) ... "that's what I ask my students to do"

- his upcoming Coursera course (Feb 17, 2014) (21:00) ... Why finance? 'I like it' ...  'Yale is not strong on vocational studies' ... learning useful skills ... my students are very successful on the job market ... that company exists only according to the rules of finance ... creating long lived companies, that has a financial structure which defines it ...

- Coursera course guidelines (24:00) ... 8 weeks rather than 13 ... focus more precisely on the skills people will get ... a little less discursive in this course ... like a college finance course which teaches the basics ... and with a moral purpose ... why what I'm doing is good ... because finance offers an opportunity for sleazy behaviors ...

- Africa (25:20)

- Minimum wage (35:30)

- role of information technology in changing finance (38:00) "Which jobs are safe" ... "inequality growing in most places in the world" ...

"how we'll create jobs in meaningful industries" ... (41:00)


Financial Markets and

"Will I get a Statement of Accomplishment after completing this class?
Yes. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by the instructor.

Students can also elect to enroll in the Signature Track to earn a Verified Certificate." 

This is a free course, and it also looks like one can pay "the Signature Track to earn a Verified Certificate."


Here's a similarly titled, Creative Commons' licensed OYC Yale course:

OpenYaleCourses -



You'll find this latter, Yale course at WUaS Finance, wiki, subject page, and other Yale and MIT OCW courses, which WUaS would offer toward a free, undergraduate and possibly degrees, as part of a degree program:


In addition to such practical courses for getting jobs in the job market, for which such Finance courses as Bob Shiller's will be helpful, WUaS will also offer an engineering focus, for usefulness in getting jobs:


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