Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Red elderberry: Alpha Farm, (Quaker Process) and Intentional Communities (and hippie communes :)

Hi Donald,

Some recent info about Alpha Farm, including a Youtube video :) ...

Alpha Garden -

It looks like Mary Lou Goertzen (born 1929) lives near Alpha and still hosts Quaker Meeting on 5th Sundays in the Deadwood Valley - - and Caroline Estes (, is one of Alpha's visionaries who still does workshops on consensus (Quaker-informed, and nontheistically Friendly, in a sense, too), I think.

Alpha Farm, Deadwood

Deadwood, Oregon -,_Oregon

Did you ever visit Olompali Park in the early '70s after the Grateful Dead, as well as "The Chose, Family" were there? ...  ... the 60s and early 70s are a fascinating time ... :)



1960s, wiki, subject page at world university and school, with links -


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