Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dolphins: Caring, Sharing Love, and free CC MIT OCW-centric education at wiki World University and School

Dear S, 

Thanks so much for this heart-centric sharing approach to connecting ... and sharing an offering collectively. And thanks for a wonderful example from M, as well as his inspiring teachings on Youtube (which I found and may add to WUaS). I wanted to send you my one word and one sentence to learn your thoughts about this process before continuing. 

1 word: Love 

1 sentence: Sharing love - 

here are my definitions of love ... 

through free online MIT OCW-centric WIKI (editable web pages - like Wikipedia) schools in all 7,106 languages and 242 countries, and with free online accredited university degrees in many languages, 

accrediting on MIT OCW in video - ... 
and its translated courses ... - 

and also including the possibility to create OPEN subjects about anything we would like to teach about, but specifically also about greatest aspects of love - e.g. - will benefit amazingly so many people via open sharing of ideas, and related conversation - and where anyone can teach to their web camera about what they love. 

WUaS is in great need of financial resources and if at all possible, I'd like the paragraph and page to open the way to this. 

Thank you!




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