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Lange's metalmark butterflies: Beginning of the Law School at World University and School, 1975 paper - "Unbundling of Higher Education" ... 'The Four Functions of Traditional University Systems' you mentioned - 'Impartation of Information, Accreditation, Coercion, Club Membership,' "World University Law School" (in English so far) links, "Education" wiki subject page links

Dear Bill,

Great, and thank you! And fascinating. It was very nice to meet you as well.

Briefly, here's the beginning of the Law School at World University and School (in English) and some of its main links, including beginning law schools in other countries (and planned all online, and for main languages in all countries) -

Much ahead to do this evening, so more later.

Best wishes,

Hi Bill,

I'm enjoying reading your 1975 paper, and especially its, what I would call, 1970's informed analysis/critical stance.

I hope World University and School on both its degree side (planning free, CC, MIT OCW-centric bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees, and I.B. diploma in UN/many large languages), and on its wiki side (planned as open online schools for people-to-people teaching in all 7,106+ languages) will engage the "The Four Functions of Traditional University Systems" you mentioned - "Impartation of Information, Accreditation, Coercion, Club Membership" - innovatively.

And thank you for all three of your papers:

1.        “The Unbundling of Higher Education,” 1975 Duke Law Journal 53.
2.        “The Dismantling of Higher Education," published in two parts in 29 Improving College and University Teaching 55 (1981) and 29 Improving College and University Teaching 115 (1981).  Below is an excerpt from a blog, Inside Higher Ed, that summarizes my 1981 article.
3.         "The Restructuring of Legal Education Along Functional Lines,” 17 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 331 (2008).  Although the article discusses legal education, the principles apply to higher education generally.  The abstract of this article is at the end of this message.

Would you like to meet for a coffee sometime next week to talk further about related questions.

With gratitude,

"For many years universities organized along traditional lines have almost totally dominated higher education. Until recently the universities' power could be justified because no other means of purveying higher education was technically feasible. Improvements in communications technology, however, have made possible the development of degree-granting programs, often called "open universities," that are no longer tied to the inflexible curriculum or expensive facilities and programs of conventional universities. It is the thesis of this Article that the current structure of the university system has retarded this development and that an antitrust attack on the monopolistic practices of private universities is feasible and should be successful." (Wang 1975:54)

Dear Bill,

What a nice invitation and thank you! It would be delightful to meet you either for lunch and / or afterward in your office on Friday, September 12th. But I hope it won't interfere with your sabbatical and your other projects.

I've added a reference to your 1975 paper -

Wang, William K.S. 1975. The Unbundling of Higher Education. Duke L.J. 53. Durham, NC: Duke Law Journal. -

to the "Education" wiki subject page at WUaS - I'm curious about your thoughts too about the related WUaS wiki subject page links on this page.

Thank you again!

Best wishes,

Dear Bill,

I look forward to seeing you again soon as well, and thank you again.

Best wishes,

Dear Bill,

Likewise. I'm glad too to have found your "The Unbundling of Higher Education" online at Duke -

Wang, William K.S. 1975. [ The Unbundling of Higher Education]. 53. Durham, NC: Duke Law Journal. -

which reference I updated on the "Education" wiki subject page at WUaS, adding the link to the actual paper.

I look forward to reading your other papers. I've added their references, or links to the papers themselves if I was able to find them, to WUaS, - all 3 to the  - - and your paper on legal education to the "Law" wiki subject page at WUaS -

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Best wishes,


Great and thanks for the information. Don't think your papers at Hastings came up in Google when I searched this morning.

My daily blog entry from yesterday was significantly about your interesting papers - - as well as about the Law School and Education wiki subject pages.

Thank you again for your papers. I'm particularly interested in looking at your restructuring of legal education article in terms of developing the online Law School at WUaS
potentially accredited in all 242 countries + ( and in main languages ( in

See you on Friday in your office at UC Hastings Law School around 12:30.



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