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White faced saki: "Can MOOCs and Universities Co-Exist ?" ... and the "commodity empire," What WUaS is about in reply to Anabel's inquiries, Helping the Developing World by planning to offer MIT OCW-centric online degrees in most countries

Can MOOCs and Universities Co-Exist ? ... and the "commodity empire"

Thanks, Heartsong ...

CC WUaS is CC MIT OCW-centric focused for its planned multi-lingual STEM-centric degree side ...

and CC Wiki focused for its people-to-people open teaching and learning planned for all 7000 + languages' side ...

CC - Creative Commons' licensed - is an interesting form of new law in the commodity-empire ...

hopefully WUaS students, teachers and learners who don't want the planned free degrees will explore a lot in the open wiki side ...

if only this open education side were around when you were studying and taking detours ...

lots of fascinating detour possibilities in the wiki WUaS main Subjects' page for example ... http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Subjects

(You might be able to Google the WSJ journal article if interested ... )

WUaS allows all of us who want to to create learning for those who want it ...

lots of limbo and detour learnings, if that's what one wants, - and all potentially edifying especially ...



The first link below led me to the Title quest [for knowledge]  : Can MOOCs and Universities Co-Exist ? ... then the" line-leader "  , led me to "the commodity-empire" 'get this subscription ' [Price $12...] a detour from the Knowledge-Trail ] ... detouring into another labyrinth pseudo-laminated with extra-curricular mind-spaghetti ...
    That was the actual academic-detour that entangled me in my academic career.  A lot of side-shows called learning knowledge, at the "Universities" of the commodity-empire.
With a "Hand-held"... Knowledge is empowering the "Student-of-Knowledge" to click him/er-self beyond the Limbo-campus of so-called University-course-curriculum.


On Sep 29, 2014, at 7:00 PM, Scott MacLeod wrote:

Hi Anabel,

I've added you to the World University and School sporadic email list; In the WUaS monthly business meeting email, you can decide to add yourself to a Google or Yahoo group with digests.

Have you seen this WSJ recent article? ...

"Can MOOCs and Universities Co-Exist? Massive Open Online Courses Make College Degrees More Affordable. Does That Make Them a Threat to Campus Life?" ...
http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303825604579515521328500810 ?

To give you an idea of how wiki World University and School works on its wiki side, people can wiki add such resources as the article above to various WUaS subjects as open teaching and learning resources, eg here -

Education#World University and School Links


I'll add the paper above.

Or you could start a Google Hangout yourself and teach to it, and add it to WUaS.

See the links in the Education links' section for further resources concerning your particular interests.

On the degree side, WUaS is MIT OCW-centric.

In addition, WUaS would like to become accredited in all countries - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Nation_States - which include the developing world, of course, and begin to offer online MIT OCW-centric university and high school degrees.

With very best wishes,


Hello, Scott.

Thanks for your asap return.
Pls add me also to your sporadic email list - if possible, as weekly (or daily) digest;
I am more interested in:
1) MOOCs in developing countries;
2) Accessibility/usability in distance learning/e-learning/MOOCs;
3) MOOC evaluation;
4) Learning strategies, tools, assessments.



2014-09-25 16:52 GMT-03:00 Scott MacLeod :

Hi Anabel,

Thanks ... have added you to WUaS's monthly email list. Would you like to be on the sporadic one, as well, with 2- 20 emails per week? What in particular are you interested in? Would you like to volunteer to do something at World University and School?


On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 6:32 AM, Anabel wrote:
Please add my name to this mailing list:



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