Thursday, November 6, 2014

Apid den Bermejo: November 8, 2014 Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School (open, electronically-mediated and hour-long), ISSIP-WUaS Grand Challenges, "Brainstorming - "Information Technology, the Network Society, and the Global University"", MIT OCW-centric "The College at World University and School"

November 8, 2014 Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School (open, electronically-mediated and hour-long):

And here's the announcement:

Dear Universitians,


WUaS is collaborating with "The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, ISSIP (pronounced iZip)." WUaS is helping to develop and offer ISSIP Grand Challenges (see: and as a kind of service innovation. I had an hour long Google + group video conversation on Friday 10/31 with University of New Hampshire Professor of Electrical Engineering Andrzej Rucinski (and ISSIP ambassador) who spoke on behalf of the ISSIP Prescription for Poland Grand Challenge, while I spoke on behalf of World University and School as an ISSIP grand challenge. For example, Andrzej would like to engage WUaS within the ISSIP Grand Challenge's framework, and in conjunction with ISSIP executive director Yassi, which is great. Here, for example, is the Poland World University and School - - which might come into conversation in many ways with his low hanging fruit, as well as be a first example of developing a Nation State's accrediting MIT OCW-centric WUaS.

These ISSIP Grand Challenges offer exciting possibilities for collaboration, and this is a great first example. Here are video excerpts from an hour long conversation on Friday 10/31 about two current main ISSIP Grand Challenges - - Both posts are slightly different.

WUaS is re-scheduling its "Brainstorming - "Information Technology, the Network Society, and the Global University"" course from Saturdays to Tuesdays from 11a-1p - see: Participants are welcome in an ongoing way. Come explore Harvard's virtual island in Second Life by getting an avatar, and also join in a Google + group video Hangout to see what they're like, and learn about the information age.

BPPE documentation  (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education in the state of California) is next to be submitted toward WUaS accreditation toward receiving undergraduate applications for this autumn 2015 for free (since C.C.) MIT OCW-centric bachelor's degrees.

Students will be taking 32 of these courses over 4 years - - for free (C.C.) and MIT-centric, online, accrediting, WUaS undergraduate degrees, in English, (then in other languages -

The College at World University and School -


Thank you for joining the World University and School team. WUaS would like to invite you to participate in our hour-long, monthly, business meeting this Saturday, November 8th, beginning at 9 a.m., PDT / 12 noon EDT.

This month we'll meet in Free Conference Call.  And this month, I'll continue to send out a second email a few minutes prior to 9am PT with the phone number and access code, to our entire WUaS email list with the actual web address / URL of the Google + group video Hangout, as well as send a third email after business meeting with WUaS Minutes.

You'll also find some previous monthly business meetings (conducted electronically in the manner of F/friends) as examples in Google Hangouts here - WUaS's active blog with past monthly business information is here -

The agenda for the upcoming November 8th, 2014 WUaS, monthly, business meeting is here -

There are no changes since in WUaS finances since the October financial report.

World University and School is looking for a new, Board member to focus on fundraising, and to actually bring in significant monies for WUaS, which you'll see on the above agenda.

The next, open, hour-long, WUaS, monthly business meeting is on Saturday, December 13th, 2014, and will meet in Free Conference Call.

For people on the sporadic, somewhat frequent, WUaS, email list, or who wish to be, WUaS is posting actively to both the WUaS Google Group (, and the WUaS Yahoo Group (, both of which allow for daily and weekly digests. Please join these groups for daily and weekly digests.

Concerning this WUaS team email list, we'll generally send out business meeting emails once a month. If you'd like to receive more frequent, sporadic, WUaS emails, please reply to this email telling me so. If you could, please REPLY with UNSUBSCRIBE, or an alternative email address, if you wish NOT to receive WUaS's emails, or receive them in a different email account, - and WUaS would be very grateful.

World University and School is planning to become the MIT / Harvard / Yale / Stanford / Oxbridge of the Internet, and in all 7,106+ languages and 242+ countries, with online, Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW-centric, university degrees in large languages.

Free, Creative Commons' licensed, online, wiki WUaS, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, is planned for all 3,000-8,000 languages and for around 240 countries, with free degrees accrediting on C.C. MIT OpenCourseWare+, - and will help many, many people.

Thank you again for your generous contributions interest in helping grow World University and School.




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