Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nauclea orientalis: MIT's decision to post MIT OCW - video conversation, "Charles M. Vest and OCW" (former MIT President Emeritus), Massachusetts Intsitute of Technology wiki subject at WUaS

MIT and Open Course Ware

A Decision That Was Deceptively Easy: Charles M. Vest and OCW

(Charles Vest is a former MIT President Emeritus)


(... "Charles M. Vest and OCW" - ...

Charles M. Vest and OCW. 2014. [ Charles M. Vest and OCW]. (November 2014 MIT OCW newsletter). Cambridge, MA: ...).


OCWC Global 2011: MIT's Institutional Decision to do OpenCourseWare


adding to ...

Massachusetts Institute of Technology wiki subject at WUaS -



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