Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Dear Kimberly and FAHE friends,

It was nice to meet with you at the FAHE (Friends Association for Higher Education) conference at Haverford in June.

Thanks for this good news too on behalf of Friendly-informed, MIT OCW-centric, wiki, accrediting, CC World University and School - - which is like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare, and planned for all 7,106+ languages and 242+ countries (where CC Wikipedia is in 288+ languages and CC MIT OCW is in at least 8 non-English languages). Startup WUaS plans to accredit first in English with MIT OCW audio-video courses - - and then in other languages with MIT OCW translated courses - - with interactivity taking place with teachers in group video, for example, and while also creating wiki schools in all languages.

WUaS hopes also to create a lot of employment opportunities - - at FAHE member institutions (twice the size of IBM eventually perhaps?) and among F/friends.

WUaS holds an open monthly business meeting in the manner of Friends on the second Saturdays of the month at 9 am Pacific Time (which is an hour-long and electronically mediated) to conduct our business. All are welcome (email and if interested in participating).

You can find out more about WUaS's business meeting here at the World University and School blog -
- in the "Business Meeting" label, and find out more about WUaS in general in my blog in the "Quaker" label - - and in the "global university" label -

Very much a leading in the manner of Friends, WUaS would like to reach out to Meetings around the world in many languages to offer free (since CC - Creative Commons' licensed) and MIT-centric degrees online, where many students would be studying from the rooms in which they went to high school.

Thanks too for the FAHE newsletter.

With Friendly greetings,


Glad to see Wikidata - - and Commons - - coming together first on December 2 and then in January / February 2015, and thanks for this great office hour record of a collaborative conversation among Wikidatans and structured data folks - - and also to see that structured multimedia data is up next. :)

Cheers, Scott

See, too -
Wikidata Status updates:


Friends/Quakers - to become tender

Friends have an expression "to become tender" which I understand to be what some Quakers have noticed in other Friends when they become very caring and/or loving, and as an expression of Quaker culture and also perhaps because of a vision (in the vein of "lamb of God"), or even as a virtual experience (in my interpretation) of a Friendly vision.

How to start generating income/revenue for myself, and WUaS, and somehow soften further – to become tender, and more loving, in a F/friendly Quaker sense – in being with people, in helping people, in being creative, in developing World University and School, and in having a family … and also vis-à-vis Harbin? …



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