Sunday, November 2, 2014

Marsh Earwort: WUaS, ISSIP Grand Challenges, Conversation, "Poland World University and School," and low hanging fruit

Dear Lars (and Universitians),

Nice to talk with you just now, Lars. I didn't mention during our call about developments in ISSIP Grand Challenges vis-a-vis WUaS (see: and I had an hour long Google + group video conversation on Friday with University of New Hampshire Professor of EE Andrzej Rucinski (and ISSIP ambassador) -

Grand Challenges: Prescription for Poland and MIT OCW-centric World University and School at ISSIP

- who spoke on behalf of the ISSIP Prescription for Poland Grand Challenge, while I spoke on behalf of World University and School as an ISSIP grand challenge. For example, Andrzej would like to engage WUaS within the ISSIP Grand Challenge's framework, and in conjunction with ISSIP executive director Yassi, which is great. Here, for example, is the Poland World University and School - (planned to be in the Polish language) - which might come into conversation in many ways with his low hanging fruit, as well as be a first approach at developing a Nation State's accrediting MIT OCW-centric WUaS.

Andrzej mentioned a variety of possible low hanging fruit at the end of our recorded video conversation, which I wrote out in this first blog entry that follows. In the blog entries you'll also find video excerpts from our hour long talk on Friday - Both posts are slightly different.

These ISSIP Grand Challenges are exciting possibilities for collaboration, and growing and networking with ISSIP, and this is a great first example.




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