Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mole National Park: Ghana World University and School, Letter from Ms. Kujo to Yoga

Hi Josephine, 

Thanks for your email. 

I'm not in a position to help with your property claim, but World University and School, an online educational project I'm developing, is interested in developing an online university in Ghana in its main languages, and wiki (like Wikipedia) schools in all languages in Ghana. The free Creative Commons' licensed University degrees would be based on Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare's ~2300 course in English - - and partly in video - - but much more, and in fun ways, and focused on becoming economically beneficial to Ghanians. 

World University and School would like to create "education in your country" (per your email) for you that is highest quality and leads to your own economic success. 

Here's the beginning of the Ghana World University and School - - not yet in Twi or other main languages in Ghana, but with plans to expand into all languages in Ghana beyond English and for free learning and degrees. 

Would you and your friends be able to begin studying for a free CC MIT-centric BA/BS degree online in the autumn of 2017 in English with other students from around the world? 

Best wishes, 

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 8:32 AM, Josephine sarpong kujo wrote:

I am Josephine sarpong kujo, 18 years old, from Accra, Ghana. My parents and my only brother were killed. Since then I have been with my uncles but they have made things to be more difficult for me because of their eyes on my late father’s properties. Before the death of my father, he has $5.5 million US Dollars in a fixed deposit domiciliary account with a bank in Accra - Ghana, which I am the next of kin. I have reasoned to writing this mail to seek for your immediate help if only you will not think otherwise because i do not know anything about you but, the fact is that I truly seek for somebody who can stand as my guardian of trust to lay claims to the sum my late father left for me before his untimely death. I humbly need your assistance in transferring this fund for my education in your country. Be kind enough to reply me so that we could discuss and i be willing to give further details upon your request. I shall forward to you all the necessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance and readiness to assist me on this project. I am also willing to compensate your effort at the end in achieving this goal with me schooling in your country while you invest some part of the total fund for your assistance and the help rendered.


San Francisco Bay Area - East Bay Hills
World University and Schoo's wiki, 'Yoga,' subject page - :) - with an invitation to 'edit this page' and explore yoga.




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