Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wildlife of Niger: How to create immersive and INSPIRING music-making video hangouts 24/7 for ALL instruments/ALL languages for learning?, And for ALL languages, for example, for Scots' Gaelic - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Scottish_Gaelic_language, Scottish small pipes' chanter in A mixolydian, Edinburgh Scottish country dance, Can we do this in Hangouts? :), Inspiring Google video conference Hangouts, and very inspiring Harvard Graduate School of Education Talk by Karen Brennan

I attached some further sheet music we just played on Monday in Open Band which I enjoyed playing on small pipes (as well as on a keyboard, playing bass lines). On the Scottish small pipes' chanter in A mixolydian, I play the tunes in D major and A major. Have any of you ever done Scottish Country Dancing - I just posted this nice video about SCD from RSCDS Edinburgh to OpenBand on Twitter - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhDsPBmglYc - https://twitter.com/dancingforth/status/736479294403252224 (https://twitter.com/TheOpenBand).

RSCDS Edinburgh & Gethin Jones Scottish country dance live on ITV Daybreak


Can we do this in a Hangouts? :)


SF Bay Salt marsh harvest mouse: Harvard Prof Karen Brennan, Very nice to meet you face-to-face in person, Harvard GSE commencement speech, We play from a similar "let's construct this knowledge together, instead of me just sharing" musical improvisational sheet music score - and I hope that Wiki and MIT OCW-centric WUaS might be able to explore this in new ways in all 7,097 living languages, A mini-ethnography of a Scratch Meet Up in the SF Exploratorium museum, How might WUaS build in or incorporate Scratch into all 8,000 of WUaS's universities and schools and for translation of it too? Planning for such possible Scratch integration will make for a complicated all-languages' WUaS web site!, Creative Computing Office Hour , Great-New Book: "Creative Computing" by @karen_brennan Balch Chung @Harvard http://scratched.gse.harvard.edu/guide/download.html … Thank you @ScratchEdTeam SF MeetUp Sat 5/7


Migratory woodland caribou: inspired by your Harvard talk, "Brilliant, Inspiring, Virtuosic - Faculty Speaker Karen Brennan ..., "Inspiration_in_learning_and_teaching," "Ph.D._Degrees_at_World_University_and_School," "Media_Lab_at_World_University_and_School," "Creativity," Are you teaching any edX or other online free courses this autumn that I might participate in, by any chance?, This autumn, I'm teaching the free "Information Technology, the Network Society and the Global University" on Harvard's virtual island in SL, in Google Hangouts and newly in Google Classroom, if you know of people who might be interested, In what ways might we best communicate further about some of our shared creativity-in-education interests?



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