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Veratrum: JuryX - Free Harvard Law Class begins Tu Sept 27 asking "What is Citizenship?", Poland WUaS, Friends Association for Higher Education updates for membership - 1) a clear Quaker tradition; 2) reputable accreditation ( or substantial progress towards such accreditation); 3) and a stable, significant student body," some of which WUaS has, and others of which are goals for WUaS.


Sounds nice and fun - and it's been a while since you've been home to Guagov (how do you spell this in English) near Rzeszow! (Sorry you won't be the Scottish Country Dancing this Sunday either - due to a shoulder injury, I probably won't go either actually. Maybe Koh, Ants and Scot will come, however, to the free introductory party on Th, Sept 8th - which I'm guessing wouldn't make sense for you since you're heading to Poland for 2 weeks on the 10th).
You might enjoy this JuryX course from inspiring Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Charles Nesson - - in MIT UnHangouts (similar but different from Google Hangouts). Since you're all but a lawyer in Poland - with its two kinds of law :) ... civil and religious - this course might be interesting to you too re Creative Commons' licensed Poland World University and School (planned in Polish, and accrediting on MIT OpenCourseWare - - and with planned online law degrees (in addition to undergraduate BS, Ph.D., M.D. and high school I.B. degrees - all in Polish too). JuryX begins September 27th, a few days after you return. CC is yet another form of law - ! :)
I'll probably take this JuryX course for the second time. Charlie Nesson's course are really well designed, internet-centric, inspiring, conversation- and idea-centric and can generate a kind of flourishing in learning ... Might you be interested in this inspiring online course?
Bon voyage, Scott


Here are some previous online courses I've participated in with Professor Nesson ...

JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change

JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change

Deliberate emotionally charged issues with your peers online without fear or rancor, and experience a system by which a jury, or any community, can move from a place of deep division to agreement and action.

Mock Burning Man trial in Second Life, where Professor Charlie Nesson played the role of judge


CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion - Fall 2006


Hi, Guilford President Fernandes and Friends at FAHE,

Thanks for your prompt email, Donn. I've enjoyed the Friends'Association for Higher Education conferences at both Haverford College, and George Fox University in Oregon - (and your presentation and panels there, Jane, especially. I also gave a presentation at George Fox on Friendly-informed World University and School and Growing the Society of Friends - Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the Woodbrooke FAHE conference on behalf of World University due to insufficient finances.

Thank you for the updates, Donn, too on the "three criteria for institutional membership were discussed. They were: 1) a clear Quaker tradition; 2) reputable accreditation ( or substantial progress towards such accreditation); 3) and a stable, significant student body," which we had corresponded about this spring.

Concerning these updates, in exploring institutional membership for World University and School in FAHE, startup WUaS will be a pro bono "client" in a UC Berkeley Law class this autumn for the 2nd semester in a row, where we'll develop further in a number of ways legally. Creative Commons' licensed (CC) WUaS is already a 501 c 3 with plans to accredit on CC MIT OpenCourseWare in its 7 languages and CC Yale OYC, to offer online CC Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and M.D. degrees (as well as I.B. high school diplomas eventually) first in English but planned in all 200 countries' main and official languages. WUaS also is seeking to be incubated by the University of California for accreditation in a developing WASC senior / BPPE policies. I'm attaching last month's WUaS minutes from WUaS's open monthly business meeting conducted in the manner of Friends. All of this has bearing on item 2) "reputable accreditation" in your FAHE update, as well as possibly developing a stable student body (of highest achievers, which is a WUaS goal).

Concerning FAHE's item 1, I could share a recent blog post of mine laying out WUaS's clear Quaker traditions, for example, but I wonder if you could please let me know what FAHE might look for here in terms of criteria for this, etc.  The only outreach / advertising WUaS has done is in Western Friend Quaker magazine interestingly. Check out too the outreach video to FGC young friends that a SF Quaker Friend and I did together here -

Dendrobium: World Univ & Sch and its F/friendly-informedness, 1947 Nobel Peace Prize Address

In terms of 3) "a stable, significant student body," WUaS is seeking our first online applicants this autumn from around the worldfrom all 204 nation states (as if applying to Stanford or MIT) to matriculate online for, in a sense, free CC MIT degrees, in the autumn of 2017. If possible, WUaS will matriculate 2000 undergraduate students. Part of our business models' planned revenue streams involves reaching out to Ministries of Education in all countries, both national and local, as if their students were applying to MIT or Stanford which costs $44,000 per year per student; public K-12 education in this country is free to students, as WUaS would like to be at the University level (like some non-US countries are).

Jane, do you think Guilford graduates would be interested in accrediting CC online Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees at WUaS eventually, as well?

Thank you again for your email, Donn, and looking forward to communicating further about this.

Best, Scott



Hi, Donn and All,

Thanks for the calendar information re WUaS potentially applying for FAHE institutional membership. Let's stay in touch as WUaS develops our accreditation and student body. It would be great for WUaS to receive applications from students from all of FAHE's Quaker colleges' for free best STEM CC MIT OCW and Yale OYC planned Ph.D., Law, and M.D. degrees (with WUaS accrediting on CC MIT OCW, for example, with WASC senior). Are there any non-English speaking colleges which are FAHE members?

Glad Quaker / Friend Burl Amsbury of Colorado (with 3 MIT degrees, including a Master's degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management - which course ware is also available for free at MIT OCW) may be coming on as WUaS Chief Operating Officer.

Here, by the way, are WUaS's two main blogs -


"14 WUaS Planned Revenue Streams" (as an example blog entry here) -

It would be great to communicate further about growing WUaS's student bodies (in many languages) at the Ph.D. and professional degree levels (law, M.D.) in collaboration with FAHE Quaker colleges.

Thank you!




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