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Monarch butterfly migration: WUaS in Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum" course this autumn (2nd semester in a row), Forking into NONPROFIT and FOR-PROFIT

Hi Bill,

Nice to get your email as well, and thanks for the update about the opening brunch at UC Berkeley Law in two Sundays from now concerning the second semester of WUaS being a client in your "New Business Practicum" law course.

I'm attaching the WUaS Minutes from our Saturday, July 9 and August 13 2016 business meetings, with our main recent developments in the news and minuted. (I'm very glad to say Burl Amsbury participated in the August 13th meeting; he's potentially interested in becoming COO of WUaS, has 3 degrees from MIT, including a BS in EE, and a Master's from MIT's Sloan School of Management; he's also active with Quakers in Colorado; and he has a brother-in-law who teaches in the Boalt School of Law I think). I'm also reattaching the WUaS-MIT OCW correspondence with MIT Dean Cecilia d'Oliveira from your course this spring.

World University's recent developments, in summary,

a) WUaS finances are newly in Quickbooks for NONPROFITS, with our bank account and PayPal connected digitally.

b) As a nonprofit Creative Commons' licensed (free to students) startup university and wiki school, WUaS seeks to develop the student application process and course catalog in CC Wikidata / Wikibase (planning to accredit on MIT OCW in 7 languages and Yale OYC) anticipating eventually applicants in all countries' main languages (while being incubated by the University of California), and schools in all 7,943 languages, and developing with artificial intelligence, machine learning and machine translation.

c)  WUaS is seeking to fork WUaS ... worlduniversityandschool.org/WUaS.org>WUaS.edu eventually on the one hand, and WUaS.com on the other? ... and develop the legal framework for the FOR-PROFIT forked entity in your course this autumn.

To this end, one main question for your course is how to form a FOR-PROFIT publicly traded stock company in California. For example, what are the steps to developing an initial IPO for WUaS, to complement our NONPROFIT status, taking a kind of build-out strategy? I found the following online with some information about this - http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/how-form-corporation-california.html - but keeping both sides of WUaS forked long into the future will require careful legal groundwork, especially in planning for policies and databases.

Here again are the 14 planned revenue streams - http://worlduniversityandschool.blogspot.com/2016/01/14-planned-wuas-revenue-streams.html - and Wikipedia/Wikimedia Foundation Legal Director, Michelle Paulson's language for this -

"Hi Scott,
It was lovely chatting with you as well. Thanks for taking the time.
As for WUaS and WUaS Business keeping their email and databases separate, it would depend on what their respective privacy policies allow in terms of sharing email addresses and depend on the copyright status and licensing restrictions on for the databases. I think the names are distinctive enough -- they clearly show they are affiliated, but with different goals.

I'm not sure about teaching at this point. I actually didn't even have time to get breakfast or lunch today, so adding more projects on my plate is not the best idea right now. But reach out to me again in the future because my workload may have changed by then!
Best of luck,

http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2015/12/hybrid-biology-wuas-meeting-with.html - (She went to UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and has a law degree from UC Hastings Law School).

In holding WUaS hive meeting spaces at AFSC / SF Quaker Meeting twice weekly regularly, one recent further development on the FOR-PROFIT side could include, in forming the online bookstore/computer store planned for all 7,943 languages, hiring homeless people to do order fulfillment and warehouse work. WUaS seeks to become a significant employer worldwide - and be of service to society worldwide - and this model of hiring homeless could be extrapolated to cities around the world. WUaS has met someone during our hive meeting spaces who works with a Homeless Advocacy Group which itself meets at AFSC / SFFM, and who could potentially help with organizing employing homeless people.

Some years ago, WUaS met with a Quaker bookstore - Earthlight Bookstore - that makes books available for purchase at Quaker Quarterly and Yearly Meeting, and which is interested in collaborating. WUaS could add their small book inventory into a FOR-PROFIT Quickbooks multi-store/enterprise bookstore software as the seed to begin growing from, for example.  ...

So WUaS is interested in legal assistance for developing our for-profit forked wing, and hope we can explore this together with you, Bill, and interns in your course. How does all of this sound in terms of your course this autumn? Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 11th after 11:30 am in the Steinhart Court at Boalt School of Law at UC Berkeley.

Thank you!



Hi Bill,

As a followup, and in terms of creating an infrastructure for nation states donating some portion of the $44,000 per year it costs to attend MIT or Stanford for tuition alone to WUaS for their 18 year olds matriculating at WUaS in 2017, and your course, WUaS would like to explore building on the National Olympics' Committee countries' and lawyers' infrastructure for funding, for example, all 206 nations' athletes in the recent 2016 Olympics. (See, too -

In terms of outreach, and student applicants from all 206 nations this autumn/spring (first in English) for free CC BS/BA degrees from their homes, WUaS might also be able to seek nations' student academic highest achieving "athletes" - and even do this by building on the celebrity of the Rio Olympic athletes. Could WUaS engage them to do promotions in their countries even?

Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson might be a great person to reach out to about this (and possibly re Cannabis questions from my previous email and the law, as well). Dean Travers, too, a Harvard student competing this year in the winter Olympics might be another contact - https://twitter.com/CaymanKlammer. And at Cal, Ryan Murphy in the Haas Business School, along with Dean Rich Lyons - https://twitter.com/richlyons/status/770018085352988673 - might be good contacts.

WUaS is seeking to become, and brand, as the "Harvards of the Web" and eventually in all 206 (currently per the NOC) nations' official and languages.

Sincerely, Scott


Hi Bill,

As one last further follow up, and perhaps beyond the purview of your course this autumn, but informing both the nonprofit and for-profit wings of WUaS, WUaS would like to explore helping to develop both BitCoin and BlockChain, and in all countries' official languages, and with our law school graduate students in all these languages and their countries, helping to write the code for this - and vis-a-vis countries' banking systems - both online and offline - too.

This would play out at WUaS potentially in both QuickBooks / Intuit software/databases as well as in Wikidata / Wikibase AI databases, as I see this now. And WUaS would like to explore paying our faculty and staff in all 7,943 languages and in all their countries in BitCoin. I hope we can eventually hire upwards of a million people, perhaps 700,000 of them students working 10 hours/week.

As you may or may not know, I applied for a tenure track MIT Media Lab junior faculty position, where Joi Ito is its Director (and newly a Professor), and is also spearheading BitCoin / BlockChain. Hopefully, making my Harbin book accessible on paper (I hope to bring the first printed-on-paper version to UC Berkeley this Friday) will help me settle the tenure track MIT Media Lab junior faculty position to beginJanuary 1, 2017 (and potentially while living  out here for a few years) - and thus further focus this possible collaborative development of BitCoin and BlockChain potentially between UC Berkeley, MIT and WUaS. (You'll find MIT Professor Pattie Maes, and associate Department Head's brief email to me about this here -

Sincerely, Scott


WUaS's monthly business meeting (conducted in the manner of f/Friends) is open and meets on the second Saturdays of the month at 9am Pacific Time for an hour. Please email info@worlduniversityandschool.org if you'd like to participate.



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