Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sooty tern: San Francisco Friends' School ~ SF Quaker Meeting ~ Friendly-infomred World University and School, Tom Kalinske could become the CEO of WUaS's for-profit wing planned in all 200 countries' main languages, Could also significantly help GAMIFY MIT OCW, as WUaS WIKIFIES MIT OCW.

Hi Am, Bo and Davi, 

Looking forward to sharing Meeting with you at SF Quaker Meeting. Looking forward too to further networking with SF Friends' School at the SFFS-SFFM breakfast. (I'm singing these days in the UU Church of Palo Alto choir on Sunday mornings - it's fun to sing with friends). I'm writing also to explore further some collaboration possibilities based on recent WUaS developments and Friendly leadings. 

Am, having met with former head of school Cath Hunt at SFFS a few years ago for about 30 minutes re possible collaborations between SFFS and Friendly-informed World University and School and re a CC MIT OCW-centric online free CC International Baccalaureate high school with diplomas, eventually in all countries' main and official languages (think the I.B. Friends' School in Ramallah, for example, in two languages, but which isn't online), I'm writing to inquire if we could explore this idea further, since you are now an established Board member there. In this scenario, SF Friends' School 8th graders would have the opportunity/option to begin studying from home in an online Quaker free CC MIT OCW-centric high school, first in English, and emerging out of SF FS itself - again for free, since the CC MIT OCW resources have a non-commercial licensing attribute (monies to be raised otherwise from governments and by fundraising etc. per student per year for revenue).

Concurrently, having met with 3 Quaker Earthlight Bookstore people (T and S F, E S, as well as C F, and B R - at the F's home) a few years ago re collaboration with WUaS's planned online bookstore (eventually in all 7,097 living languages and with WUaS Academic Press with machine translation), conceptually in Intuit / Quickbooks Multi-store / Quicken / TurboTax with Intuit's multiple languages/nation states' tax codes - planned on WUaS's upcoming for-profit wing, I'm writing to explore how we might further explore developing both an online Quaker MIT OCW-centric high school (all countries' main languages) as well as Bookstore / Publisher (all languages, each a market) together and at the same time. Both of the above are potential Quaker opportunities, - for sharing Friends' education, as well as potentially commercially. 

How best to explore bringing the SF Quaker Meeting / SF Friends School further into opportunities (including jobs), I'm wondering?  

I just heard back from Tom Kalinske this morning within 30 minutes of my email to him
- see his recent Stanford talk - - inviting me to meet with him at Global Education Learning HQs in Redwood City this Tuesday, which I'm planning to do. It would be great if Tom could become the CEO of WUaS's for-profit wing planned in all 200 countries' main languages; he's now the Chair of GEL, has experience as CEO's of multiple large companies, and could significantly help gamify MIT OCW, as WUaS wikifies MIT OCW. 

And I was glad last Thursday to have attended a Stanford Sparks' talk by Tim Connors and Mark Leahy on fundraising (in the Business School), with Tim afterward inviting me to reach out to him. He's a MicroVC and seems great; he also has the money to lend, Mark Leahy said. I've asked if Tim could join the upcoming for-profit WUaS Board, and Mark WUaS's existing non-profit Board. 

If all of these opportunities come together, one of the main questions for Tom Kalinske ( and Tim Connors ( might be how fast could WUaS file the for-profit wing's papers, getting a revenue-generating Board together in the process, to head for an IPO (again on WUaS's for-profit side re ). 

I'm wondering too, Bo, if you could possibly please help with filing these for-profit papers - with the Nolo Press link here - (while, for example, Stanford Law Codex's Roland Vogl possibly helps to begin the CC OCW WUaS law schools in all countries' languages and eventually hiring Stanford Law students as graduate student instructors). SF Quaker Meeting would stand to benefit financially if it could help file these for-profit papers in conjunction with your thinking, Bo, - re the WUaS Bookstore and Academic Press. 

If some of these potential Quaker growth and financial opportunities are realizable, Am, I wonder, if as a SFFS Board member, whether you could potentially also please explore helping with developing SF Friends' School infrastructure for WUaS's high school in a collaboration - for example with helping develop some staffing for possibly 10 hours / week office-related work there - and again to begin an online free I.B. high school for SF Friends' School kids on the CC MIT OCW non-profit side re Friendly informed WUaS - but not with the for-profit book store with Quaker Earthlight Books / Quickbooks' Multi-store, (but with Wikidata book/document number Q-items in all 358 languages, since WUaS's bookstore can't emerge out of MIT OCW since for-profit is already linked to MIT OCW's books per communication with MIT Dean Cecilia d'Oliveira in March-April 2016 ... and anticipating machine translation as well?) For growing the Friendly-informed WUaS bookstore in collaboration with Earthlight Books (which brings books to Quarterly and Annual Meetings), WUaS might seek to grow with T and S F, E.S., as well as C.F., and B. R., and other f/Friends from Meeting.

Davi and Am, could you also possibly please help set up the initial Intuit infrastructure (anticipating all languages, but first United Nations, MIT OCW and other large languages) for all of this - and perhaps with B R and E S? 

How best to communicate further about this? Looking forward to sharing in Meeting with you tomorrow

Friendly regards, 



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