Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Natural environment: New Logo at WUaS - developing, Thoughts?

Hello Scott,

Here are some examples of WUAS logos. Which one is your favourite of these three?

I tried different colours, shapes and ornaments. My favourite is currently WUAS logo 4.



My current favorite (#2):

WUAS Logo -


Hello Peter,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great and wow (pardon the Americanism). Thank you for your creativity and endeavors re the WUaS logo.

I like the simplicity of 4 (in the shield),

but I like the circle wholeness/symmetry and bigger symbols in 2 (with mortar board hat and earth re internet/WWW map at bottom) as well as its relative lightness, and the lightness of the earth in the middle ...

WUAS Logo -

a bit more than 5 at present. I like the blue too in all of them, and wonder only about somewhat little lighter shades ...

I think of MIT and Harvard's words in their logos - mens et manus (mind and hand) for MIT, and veritas (truth) for Harvard, and for Stanford, the words are in German ...  "Die Luft der Freiheit weht" (The winds of freedom blow) ... and wonder about having a word in the WUaS Logo ... "greatest university in all languages" would come closest as idea to a word here ... I also like the natural image / symbol of a tree in Stanford's logo and the garland in Harvard's ... And something more with computer / the internet in the logo could be great.

For comparison's sake and for further consideration,

Humboldt University of Berlin -

I think the simple letter/s of American University logos, such as MIT or H for Harvard or S for Stanford, can emerge out of your logo versions.

If I were to simply begin to use one, might I please use the first one (#2)?

Thank you again for your great creative efforts. I will seek to credit you as "Peter Bothe" where possible, if this is fine with you.


For comparison, here are these three American universities' letters re logos -


- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President
- World University and School

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