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Commelina communis: MIT Media Lab Application, What if the whole world of 7.5 billion people, as plan, receives an universal basic income nation state by nation state in the form of a cryptocurrency, Stanford MedX Proposal

MIT Media Lab Faculty Application, 
Stanford MedX Proposal for April 2018


Nov 19, 2017

Dear Dean, 

Nice to see you at the TSWG talk on Friday at UC Berkeley. (I'm seeking to give a TSWG talk in the spring sometime - perhaps coinciding with Harbin's re-opening - if there's space schedule-wise). I appreciate greatly your thinking in general. 

I'm planning to apply for the following MIT Media Lab faculty position - - (accessible from with the application due December 1, and in relation to my Actual-Virtual Harbin/Earth project, ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy as new STEM and social science method, as well as wiki World University and School in MIT OCW's 7 languages.  

For the three referrers the application requests, I'm planning to ask you (and Nelson, and Larry Viehland, who went to MIT, and who is Chair of the Board at WUaS, as well as CFO - and acting CFO of the newly forked WUaS Corporation). 

This World University and School related wiki Media Lab subject page - - for example, which is planned in all 8k languages, for example, will help help my application, as will WUaS's CC MIT OCW-centric universities planned in all ~ 204 countries' main and official languages - - for CC OCW-centric free university degrees (and much much more at WUaS as will my long-term actual / virtual Harbin/Earth ethnographic comparative project, especially on the virtual side), as will WUaS's planned in the 7,099 living languages as wiki schools for open teaching and learning. 

If by chance I get this job, I'd love to stay half of the year in the SF Bay Area for ongoing Harbin field work and as a MIT Media Lab faculty member. 

(My grandfather went to MIT in chemical engineering in the 1920s and had a number of patents on fatty acids, to his name). 

May I please share your name and contact information with MIT as a reference for me? 

Thank you, 

Dear Scott,

I’ll be happy to provide a reference for you. Just let me know the addressee and deadline when the need arises.

My grandfather, Earle Edgerly MacCannell got BS degrees in architecture and engineering from M.I.T. around 1910. He went on to become the Chief Architect for the Washington State Park system during the Depression.

Have a good holiday.


Thank you, Dean, Nelson and Larry,

Interfolio has let me know that you, Dean and Larry, have added reference letters yesterday and today, and while yours, Nelson and Larry, are there from last year, I haven't heard from Interfolio, Nelson, that you've added one recently. 

Thank you all so much for writing these references!

I've recently updated my papers' page - -  and my new CV (which I'm also attaching), as well as with the links to both of the 3 Tourism Studies' talks I've given in the UC Berkeley anthropology department in 2012, 2015 and 2017. 

"Naked Harbin Ethnography"

Sharing a New Digital Methodology with Tourism Studies, Science & the Social Sciences

Naked, Virtual Harbin: An Anthropology of Erotisme and the Touristic Imaginaire

Thank you,

Dec 1. 2017
Thank you again so much, Dean, Nelson and Larry,

Now on here with a Stanford Medicine X proposal also due today (with the talk in late April). 

I submitted my application about an hour ago. 

Here are the 3 main parts to my MIT Media Lab faculty application in sharable links - 

MacLeod Research Statement MIT Media Lab 2017 - 

... would add ...
- code for experimentation in a realistic virtual earth
- code for studying indefinite longevity in species too

MacLeod CV 2017 MIT Media Lab - 

... will add in subsequent CVs ...
Programming  languages

MacLeod Links to 3 Publications MIT Media Lab 2017- 

Thank you again so much for writing references for me for this position - . 

Best regards, Scott 
MIT Media Lab junior faculty app -

Heartsong (from Harbin) ~

Sunheart Sunheart

8:08 PM (23 hours ago)
to me

Scott ; Peter Diamandis  talks about 12 Areas of Human Needs , which will become " Demonitized "[significantly reduced in cost for the global population]    in the 2022- 2030s
                         Energy.....Food....Communications.....Education....Healthcare....Transportation.... Water.....Housing.....Entertainment..... Information....Insurance....Services
  "Data " is the  New Gold "


Scott MacLeod

10:07 PM (21 hours ago)
to sunheart
Thanks, I'll check it out, Heartsong ... what if the whole world of 7.5 billion people, as plan, receives an universal basic income nation state by nation state in the form of a cryptocurrency with blockchain ledger on smartphones, and replacing the international dollar or their local currency - and as a way to create an international / intelligent currency (early like the Euro became for ~26 out of 28 nation states recently)? I wonder if this would be considered de-monetization by him too?


Sunheart Sunheart

2:11 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
This kind of brainstorming is the stage we are at as a world global brain

Stanford MedX Proposal for April 2018

MacLeod Stanford MedX Slide Presentation April 2018 -

MacLeod Stanford MedX Abstract+ April 2018



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