Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Iguana: Email to Cynefin and "Light Float Sit," as well as 12, "Blackberries: Harbin Haiku-ish" poems

Hi Laine, Rasul, and Cynefin (Harbin literary magazine), 

I enjoyed the wordshop on Sunday, especially your receptive focus on both collaborative, and our own, poetry writing, and sharing of this by reading it aloud. I also enjoyed Sunday's Fibonacci-inspired poem writing structure. Great and thanks! (We had 3 opportunities to write Fibonacci-informed poems each (some wrote two or three each writing time), with this number of syllables in each line 0-1-1-3-5-8, then 0-1-1-3-5-8-13, then 0-1-1-3-5-8-13-21).

I'm attaching both the three poems I wrote that day, as one poem called "Light Float Sit," as well as 12 Haiku-ish poems, "Blackberries: Harbin Haiku-ish" (which I also submitted by email to a Harbin poetry contest around a year ago), all as submissions to Cynefin. 

All of these are Harbin and water-influenced poems. :) 

Harbin inspires much of my more than 100 poems here ~ 

I also enjoyed hearing your creations too.

Seems like Cynefin ('Cynefin' is a Welsh word meaning "profound connection to the land," I've read) is facilitating a Harbin school of poetry thanks to you! :)


Light, Float, Sit

in one, waters' warm,
immense, immersion, milieu d’eau.

in warm
ease-me-in present,
a gift of flight in fluid d’eau,
where freedom finds releasing in among hug nude friends.

touch all cells,
water pool food
intimate naked yes exchange,
of mind body suit seamlessly freeing we who connect under stars, skies, ~ Harbin-wise.

~ ~ ~

Harbin Haiku-ish

Watsu in the heart pool
Two people water dance
Fluent ease together

Mind flowers stream
Through you, be-easing
Us deeply into warm waters

Sun on the hill trees
Above the pools
One bougainvillea crimson alit

Stylus on parchment
Love-symbols emerge
Warm pools' emergent ideas

the future of harbin
ten generations ahead ~
water, warmth, love

Harbin neurophysiology sings ~
what would extend these chemical
flows of mind-freedom?

hot pool, cold plunge
light through a leaf ~ fig:
green light smile

After the cold plunge, look up
through the woods 'round the pools
complexity, depth and light

deep sleep night
rad tent skylights
rested bodymind merges in pools

Wailing to the Harbin pools
Along the mountain path
Snow in the green canopy

Snow covers the pools' ridge line
Steam rises from the heart pool
Pool's warmth lingers in my body

walk over quiet water bridge
green springing up
here harbin hail now 


See, too, from Sep 15, 2013 (and I'm currently - on Dec 19, 2017 - changing the title of this blog post, and leaving just the "Light, Float, Sit" poem, which I wrote in a Harbin workshop in the living room of Stonefront Lodge there - to add to my upcoming Haiku~ish poetry book):

Swimming iguana: Email to Cynefin and "Light Float Sit," as well as 12, "Blackberries: Harbin Haiku-ish" poems


Next new book, and first book of poetry coming out very soon ~


And Other Loving Hippy Harbin Poetry

And Other Loving Hippie Harbin Poetry

by Scott MacLeod

 ~ http://www.scottmacleod.com/HaikuishPoetryBook.html ... ~



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