Thursday, May 10, 2018

Flax seed flowers: Glad to be developing World University ... "Jacques Lacan: La psychanalyse’ 1 & 2 (1974) by Benoît Jacquot | English Subtitles," ... and for teaching emergent online psychoanalysts at WUaS in all ~200 countries' main languages even?

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How are you?

Glad to be developing World University ...

... and in wondering insight-wise - I wonder too if becoming aware of this and putting this into words will re-focus my orientation to money. Maybe I can realize this NSF grant as an individual and on behalf of World University and School.

... if I'm able to land this first grant, and land a stream of them beyond this to grow WUaS significantly) ... and possibly due to related thinking insights above too.

Some of my thinking here relates generally to a loosely Lacanian-informed view of psychoanalysis (and knowing George, and re Dad too) ... and it's interesting to hear/read Lacan himself here speaking to French psychoanalysts-to-be - "Jacques Lacan: La psychanalyse’ 1 & 2 (1974) by Benoît Jacquot | English Subtitles " ...

‘Jacques Lacan: La psychanalyse’ 1 & 2 (1974) by Benoît Jacquot | English (No Subtitles?)

... (thanks to the internet and video) ... and realize that he's thinking within a French 1970s' culture, and talking about words such as "soul" at the 8 minute mark, for example, which word doesn't resonate so much these days for me in the culture of the SF Bay Area.

I do appreciate Reed College's emphasis, in learning, on engaging primary texts, and this is one in a sense.

This is kind of apt (and re Reed College too) ...

The subject staggers under the weight of the weightless bar separating signifier and signified.


Lacan emphasizes the 'signifier' and "parole" (French for "speech") - speaking / being / language - and so this shorter 1 minute Lacan synopsis is a helpful summary of Lacan's thinking ...

Jacques Lacan in 1 minute - which ends with the signifier (accessible - But his above speech is interesting too re modeling "parole," or a speech, for example.

So I wonder how it might be possible to use this above video - and what I learned from G as psychoanalyst and thinker too - and for teaching emergent online psychoanalysts at WUaS in all ~200 countries' main languages even? And for online training analyses ...

Psychoanalysis at World University and School -

I'll look into Lacan's thinking further in these regards - as a kind of contextualizing process - re society as father and this possible psychology interpretation. Glad John Money came after Jacques Lacan MD etc.

So on with the NSF grant writing process - for which I was able to set up the account successfully after the call.

Here's something Ki posted recently about a serpentine formation in Ohio and archaeological interpretations - Interesting (and re my Harbin friend Heartsong's thinking too). Did you ever visit this "Great Serpent Mound" in Ohio, by any chance? It could be fun to check out at some point:).

What are you up to today? Talk with you soon.

L, Scott


Flax Nectar: Jacques Lacan parle, "What Does Lacan Say About… Desire?", Freedom, Psychiatry at WUaS, Lacan video from 1972 with the French hippie in front of a large audience, Wonder what Lacan would do too with the idea of eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology - In the film he talks about transference as love, but seems to be a little limited by the discourse of psychiatry with which he is coming into conversation, Curious to articulate with time John Money's thinking in these regards with Lacan's, Meditation



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