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Mānuka honey: "What is World University and school? -Li," Stanford Robotics' Professor Li Jiang is teaching 'ME268: Robotics, AI and Design of Future Education' * * * Stanford - Mike Yip Robot Autonomy in Surgery Feb 7 2019

What is World University and school?   -Li
(Stanford Robotics' Professor Li Jiang, who's teaching 'ME268: Robotics, AI and Design of Future Education')

World University and School is an online startup educational institution. It's like Wikipedia in ~300 languages with CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare in 5 languages. WUaS seeks to accredit for free-to-students' (because of the CC-4 MIT OCW licensing) degrees - Bachelors, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. high school, first with the state of California. WUaS is planning major online universities in each of all ~200 countries' official / main languages. WUaS is also planning wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all 7,097 living languages. Check out the ~12 main areas here - (Languages, Nation States ...) - to get a further idea of where WUaS is heading. 

How best to develop home robotics - - toward engineering degrees - - at the high school and college levels will be a central question ahead. And in the planned online WUaS medical schools - MIT OCW-centric / Stanford Medicine-centric online 'medical schools' ... and .... and with online teaching hospitals ... ... for online clinical care in all ~200 countries' official and main languages ... ... each offering online free-to-students' Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. degrees in main languages - how best to develop tele-robotic surgery in something like a realistic virtual earth (am thinking Stanford / Google's Project Baseline into Avatar Bots in Google Streetview/Maps/Earth) with a correspondence with physical robots, will be another central question ahead. Thank you.

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Looking forward to staying in touch. 

More about a realistic virtual earth (very Google-centric) - for actual-virtual, physical digital direct correspondence here: ;

About robotics' here (and re Lego scale) - thinking Google Streetview with Brick Streetview  too - ;

About tele-robotics' surgery here: ;

About about online MIT OCW-centric / Stanford Medicine-centric online 'medical schools' - and - and with online teaching hospitals - - for online clinical care in all ~200 countries' official and main languages - - each offering online free-to-students' Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B. degrees in main languages. 

World Univ & Sch is interested in real real time re Quantum Computing (here are some ideas about quantum computing -, not only to facilitate quality tele-robotic surgery, but also for online Music Schools for real real time music-making /jamming in all 7,097 living languages, and for all instruments each a wiki subject page to begin - 

Whether or not robots will be making music with humans here is another question. :)

Thanks again for your wonderful talk. 

Best regards, Scott
Here's the beginning of a realistic virtual Harbin / Earth, and hoping too to build out at the cellular and atomic levels too with avatar bots, and for printable robots ~ (Harbin Hot Springs is my actual-virtual ethnographic field site) ...

Thanks again, and nice to meet you.

- Scott MacLeod - Founder, President & Professor

- World University and School

- 415 480 4577

- CC World University and School - like CC Wikipedia with best STEM-centric CC OpenCourseWare - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization. 

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Dear Larry, Li, and Bill, (Larry Leifer, Li Jiang and Bill Clancey),

Thanks so much for your email! Yes, let’s explore where Neurodesign might fit in the virtual worlds I'm developing - and re robotics. Here are some related blog posts - (and re Bill Clancey's fascinating talk - More later.

Thanks, Scott
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Elaeis guineensis bright red oil palm fruit: Stanford lecture - "Prof Larry Leifer: Dancing with Neurodesign: Embracing neuroscience instruments to better design human collaboration," Peter Norvig: 'How Computers Learn' * * * Goodall: My breakthrough moment of connection, "Jane Goodall tells Fareed about the first time she communicated "perfectly" with a chimpanzee on a level that pre-dates human speaking" -

Ranunculus: Stanford - How to Think Critically about Artificial Intelligence - Dear Bill and Li, (Dr. Clancey and Prof. Jiang), By way of example, here's a MIT robot - "Researchers used a simulation to train this robot dog at super-speed" - which when developed virtually with A.I. could learn to go much faster, due to machine learning A.I., Quantum computing?,Re NASA Utah field site - many potential parallels with creating a realistic virtual Harbin Hot Springs, which is my physical-digital ethnographic field site for actual-virtual anthropological comparison. Could NASA even model both places concurrently, for example? (And re a new STEM and social science method I'm developing and calling ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy, Physical-Digital Lego Robotics -



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