Sunday, January 17, 2010

House Sparrows Together: While much knowledge is ABOUT & HOW & WHY, Added OPEN COBALT-another Open VIRTUAL WORLD, Opera is a trip, 1000 mg flax oil

While much knowledge is ABOUT nature, the material world or ideas, & HOW and WHY these work - possibly boring for some because not self referential - they can lead to symbolically rich, great FLOW! experiences - vis-a-vis problem solving, programming, thinking and writing, for example, for our bodyminds as 'computers,' metaphorically.

How to generate FUN with this & as well as LEARNING more generally vis-a-vis ...


added OPEN COBALT, another, open source VIRTUAL WORLD - on your hard drive (in contrast to on a proprietary computer server) - to - an OPEN WIKI


Far out: Dirty F@#*ing Hippies Were Right!

(Thanks to AB via MG) ...

Come jam at World University


Opera is a trip as you get into it - profoundly so, yet touching on much sad, human stuff - What's the happiest, trippy, extraordinary repertoire sung beautifully which you know of? Invitation to post them {and specific recordings} below :)


Wants to make the open WorldUniversity.Wikia.Com - like Wikipedia & MIT OCW the Stanford/Harbin plus of the web - teach, learn, add :)


Good stuff:

1000 mg of flax seed oil 3-4 times a day is harmonizing & brightening in my experience, lessening caloric intake makes me thinner, & warm pools:) music ... and great friends ... are sweetening, as well ...


World University & School is eventually for One Laptop per Child countries, like Haiti, especially. Check out the open, free World Univ & Sch -

It's like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware. It's a remarkable
teaching and learning opportunity, potentially in all languages, nation
states, subjects and at all levels, and eventually with degrees. Regards, Scott

( - January 17, 2010)

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