Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inland Waterway: Seeking supportive high school? Free High School Diplomas / GED Prep, Global Univ & Sch

Hi Friends & SF Bay Area Quakers,

I just added to the World University & School wiki the new section 'Free High School Diplomas' - - with an invitation to all of you to post to this wiki (editable web pages) the free, great, online high school courses and diplomas that you know about, - which will grow in number. Here's some which I've already posted: At World University and School, you can teach, learn, and add content and links. It's like Wikipedia, with an academic course focus, yet open to all teaching and learning.

There is a free Ph.D. in Education for 25 at Harvard for the next two years already listed at World University and School - Please let students who may be applying to graduate programs in 'Education,' or a related field, know.

And there are also the beginnings of free and open textbooks at WUaS:, and so much more, including great, FREE educational software:

I'm also beginning to hold free and open office hours on Saturdays from 11:10 a - 1 p PT on Harvard's Second Life Island - (you can get a free Second Life avatar from this page which takes about 10 minutes), and I'll probably teach an open, free "Society and Information Technology" course here beginning in late January. Please come visit in-world in Second Life these Saturdays. And come visit in-world in late January, and learn about how the information technology revolution is occurring. It's fascinating, and I hope World University & School will further it. And come in-world just to chat and visit. Second Life is interesting, as can teaching and learning be.

{There's also an unprogrammed, Quaker Silent Meeting from 10-11 on Saturdays in Second Life on Sea Turtle Island here: with more related information here:}. In other words, you can attend Meeting from home, with, for example, ten or twenty other avatars.

World University and School is an 'edit this page' school & university (and like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware) and it will flourish further as many people engage it. (For example, Wikipedia has around 14 millions articles in 240 languages, and started around 2002, and all of us made it, - and it's great!).

Check back for free high school course work and diplomas over time, as well as everything to do with free teaching and learning. {WUaS, as a wiki, is potentially very versatile}. For example, there's a budding music school - There's already a lot! of teaching and learning material at WUaS which you'll find if you glance through it, and we can continue to create it richly. And I hope WUaS will grow into all languages, nation states, subjects and levels.

Please spread the word about WUaS, and please add, free great content - with your web camera and by linking. And please let me know if you'd like to help - this is a 'we make it' wiki - or simply add to the wiki, by clicking 'edit this page.'

With friendly greetings,

( - January 15, 2010)

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