Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Turkish Canyon: A Movie about Eliciting Loving Bliss like Chamber Music?

How would a movie about eliciting loving bliss like playing beautiful chamber music with friends go?

In one scenario:

Good friends respond to an announcement like this:


People arrive at a beautiful home. All play musical instruments {classical music}, and have them with them. These friends like each other and trust one another a lot. They also communicate well together in words, as well as musically. In the playing together they talk about eliciting the experience of loving bliss together in conjunction with making music together. Their words help to focus their enjoyment in playing. They mention MDMA as a reference experience.

They're also experienced with contact improvisation dance jams, and at ease in their bodyminds. The society/culture they live in is richly supportive of exploration.

All are in their late 20s or early 30s, mature and artistically exploratory.

They begin by playing a Dvorak quartet beautifully.

Knowing each other, and having done contact improv together before, they next begin to explore jamming together, freely and openly.

(After numerous times doing this together, they ... , and then together with, they ... )


Here are the two Turkish guitar players playing the same instrument together:

This kind of mutual four-hand guitar playing exploration, as model, spreads widely through society. Images {e.g. like Hindu images of Krishna and Ganesh?, or Ataturk who secularized Turkey} of these Turkish guitar players, and similar access to places of mutual bliss, {where the woman seems to be achieving a kind of bliss, naturally} increase, and are seen everywhere, helping to give form to a widespread exploration of mutual loving bliss exploration around the world. :)


Let's explore this creatively :)

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