Friday, October 22, 2010

Duck and Ducklings: Lovely music - Synchronized Brains, Guitar Four-hands, Enjoyment, Singing as Synchronizing Brains? Culture, too?

Lovely music:

İşte Gitarı Konuşturmak Ben Buna Derim

İşte Gitarı Konuşturmak Ben Buna Derim by dj_atheros

Are their brains synchronized? I would say so.

Their bodyminds are synchronized, as well.

Do choral music and choirs also synchronize brains in multiple voices, and is this one understated aspect of the enjoyment of singing in a choir?


Is 'culture' also a process of synchronization - for example, are Japanese or Scots synchronized in thinking in some ways?

(Is this another underexplored aspect of 'identity,' anthropologically?)

( - October 22, 2010)

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