Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wilderness plant community: With respect to Foucault, Communication practices I'm interested in, Creative New Age forms in virtual Harbin

Harbin ethnography:

... Both writing (ethnography) and programming (vis-a-vis virtual world building), as practices, could then contribute to problematizing the care of the self in new ways.

With respect to Foucault, (as well as vis-a-vis his studies of sexuality, the communication practices I'm interested in, vis-a-vis actual and virtual Harbin, emerging out of the freedom-seeking movements of the 1960s, are communal, idea-sharing oriented, and emerge into a new space – the Harbin pamphlet “Living the Future” (1996) is one example of this – through the creation of both actual and virtual Harbin, where life at actual Harbin may find novel, creative, New Age forms in virtual Harbin. Significantly, vis-a-vis the internet and the world wide web, this communication can be now carried out via a distributed, real time, worldwide, communication network, - especially via a nascent, virtual Harbin.

The ability to use language – in actually creating virtual Harbin in OpenSim and Second Life, as well as communicating in this virtual Harbin ...

( - October 14, 2010)

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