Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seed pod: Models for Social 'Bliss Elicitation,' Ravi Shankar, Raga, Guitar Four-hands, Two Brains Together

Both videos below are social and remarkable examples of peaking, and are the best examples of loving bliss elicitation at editable World University & School's 'Loving Bliss eliciting' subject page - ...

Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan and Alla Rakha Khan - RAGA -

They're listening to each other and listening here :). And they're improvising.

( ... a model for bliss like the Raga above and the guitar four hand below).

I can elicit bliss with both of these, on my own, with computer, wherever I am (so, alone), and I see these videos as models of social blissing - both musically for musicians playing or singing together, and also in inventive ways. I also see 'Loving Bliss' brain chemistry in these musicians.

İşte Gitarı Konuşturmak Ben Buna Derim

Guitar Four-hands? Now, wait a minute ... cross-handed, too :)

Lovely music, as well ... ... :)

Are their brains synchronized? It seems so.

Both videos are social, interactive, mutual, musical-as-model and harmonious. They're examples to play with, to move toward, as how-tos, and as models for ways in which tones and full engagement can lead to great enjoyment.

How might we learn from these to create new 'blissing' forms? ...

Here's one way:

and here are 'Loving Bliss Practices':)

Other ways?

( - October 16, 2010)

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