Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wild onsen: Harbin dance

Harbin Dance


In the beginning of the dance,
people move easily, slowly & freely.

I see a lot of yoga poses this eve,
and creative asana, too - O, Harbin ...

... and, here, some friends.
People start to stand & sway,

and amis move widely,
their beautiful clothes

flowing freely all the while,
dancing, dancing, dancing.

This music moves me not,
so as {hippie} Harbin,

dance freedom
unfolds, all around -

people exploring moving
energy, in their freedom -

I head for the pools,
to soak.

My ear, my right ear,
has had pressure for days,

so, this eve - a first -
I don't submerge,

thinking babying my ear
seems clear-ly sensible.

It's different - head under
for me, is transformative -

I miss going under,
yet my ear is thankful.

To bed, after the hot pool,
and what ideas came in water?

Add the nontheist Friends'
Google Docs' correspondence to

World University & School's
nontheist Friends' subject?

Generate loving bliss communications,
similar to these,

as correspondence conversations,
as well ? :)


The day is autumny,
cool, fresh, but not cold.

How can we all get to loving bliss,
secularly, when and as we want it,

because we are content & well,
and bliss's qualties are elicitable,

by music, a series of tones, MDMA,
affection from & for another?

Loving friends seem to be the limiting thing,
and sex can help with bliss.

Friends can generate this, but,
furthur, what practices lead

to rocking out?

To submerge in the waters soon,
this poem's monologue may

move to curious, silent communication,
with others, in the warmth, communally,

and voice-free, ~
in the Harbin warm pool,

with its own music.

People's nakedness here
is welcome, freeing & beautiful.

Thank you, Harbin,
for your warm pool's voice,

your countercultural music,
your real freedom

via naked bodyminds, and intimacy,
all around, and warm water's

relaxation response,
via - dare I say ... meditation,

natural & watery? Nay, -
the relaxation response is apropos,

and better, yea, just
soaking in the warm pool.

How to soar, to fly, neurophysiologically ...
and with Harbin as music ~

in new ways?

Don't just read this,
I invite you

- wherever you are -
to elicit loving bliss anew. :)

To the pools - now -
Is this ethnography?
Is this anthropology

of warm water meditation,
of traveling to the onsen

for freedom & regeneration?
To the waters, now ...

( - October 13, 2010 & October 12, 2010)

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