Friday, October 1, 2010

Ocean Water: The Poetry Commune at Berkeley

The Poetry Commune at Berkeley

The poetry commune at
U.C. Berkeley reads with joy.
A chorus of energy,
this soloist understands,
stands & delivers,
these word pods
that sail through the air
to alight, & delight,
in the ears & minds
of people.

A chorus with soloists,
she arises, and praises,
the upcoming light-bringer,
her free speech-jostling friend,
who sings of French kissing -
crème fraiche -
on the playground at 9,
of, who likes to be on top
when making love -
he likes her to be here now -
of, 3 jumping into cold,
August, Pacific, ocean water,
of, who gets to sit
in the back, together,
on the way home.

These poets are open & caring,
appreciative of each others'
meter & rhyme,
not bitten with the bug
of pinched, human, critical,
competitive closedness, they -
this poetry commune
from afar
at U.C. Berkeley -
sing with love.

He bass-resonates
and becomes the
caterpillar-walrus voice,
not tripping
on sonority.
Weaving harmony,
Cecil & Lyn
take over free
Wheeler Hall
from the inside,
with poetry.
It is occupied,
We are here &
Our commands
are poetry.

She beams, and with prose praise,
sings warm approval
for her friend's
spring, sung words,
who sings, and signs, of
making love, -
all leading to
with her 'fro,
who reads tanka -
radically short,
Japanese, five-line,
form poems - of
far south
of here.

Warm readings,
meme phonemes
spread minds to minds,
so that, in the middle
of the night,
thinking of her -
her words, her hair,
her soft, neck scent,
her smile, her loveliness,
our kiss -
I awake and smile,
while writing
a poem of love.

To sleep now, to bed,
back to the land
of regenerative
before emailing this to Ed,
my poet friend,
in the morn.

And with her, a duet?
C'est possible?
Oui ... Must see ...

Off through the night,
away from that lovely
Maude Fife space,
to Contact Improv,
where play beings
move freely together,
in a room,
with full touch,
to dance the Berkeley,
communal jam
of freedom, -
Free radicals singing
moving songs of freedom.
Let's get down &
be-in, &
sing love.

( - October 1, 2010)

(for Charity)

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