Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moonset: World University and School and VIRTUAL WORLD CREATION, In Open Simulator, For open Teaching & Learning

World University and School and VIRTUAL WORLD CREATION.

WUaS would like to develop a very easy-to-use, probably Open Simulator-based, virtual world - which is earth-topographically realistic (building on the photo realism of holodecks in SL) - where individuals and end users could host their own islands, regions, etc. on their own computers (perhaps this would even ship with machines), and which would easily network with a variety of virtual world islands, beginning with other Open Simulator islands, as well as Second Life islands - expressly for open, free, teaching and learning classrooms, and idea exchange (voice and text chat), - at both the university and school levels.

A Firefox or Chrome browser add-on for such a virtual world has merit, vis-a-vis ease of use.

Building a virtual world, from the kernel of Open Simulator, would allow World University and School to incorporate both the WUaS virtual hospital and medical school (, as well as integrate all the various museums ( with significant amounts of online content, from around the world, as well as resources on the other WUaS main and subject pages (e.g. wiki-like science laboratories in virtual worlds).

(There's a paragraph on this page about this at WUaS:

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