Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bonxies: Bagpiping, New, 'Pibroch, Piobaireachd or Ceòl Mór,' wiki subject at WUaS, Scottish Country Dancing, Piping, Arts for bliss elicitation?

New, Pibroch, Piobaireachd or Ceòl Mór wiki subject at WUaS -


linked to WUaS's Bagpipe Tutorials -

where I hope we can link great recordings of most Piobaireachds, over time. Kenny MacLean's "The Desperate Battle," is the first piece on this new page.


Very nice :) "The Desperate Battle" played by Kenny MacLean ... ... "Is this the same kenneth maclean who won the gold for piobaireachd in oban in 1974?" ... will add to upcoming Piobaireachd wiki subject at WUaS linked from here - - Would like to wiki-link great recordings of most Piobaireachds, over time.


Thunderstruck - by Gordon Duncan - anew - ... Fresh Cut Memory: Andrew Forbes (borderpipes), Mason Brown (guitar) and Scott Parker Mast (percussion) performing Gordon Duncan's "Thunderstruck" at the Laughing Goat in Boulder, Colorado.


Fred Morrison, The Hard Drive, Glasgow - - no description available

... new improvisation subject in the Bagpipe Tutorials' subject at WUaS?


Scottish Country Dancing in Edinburgh ... RSCDS Edinburgh Branch Demonstration Team Jan'08 ... looking for SCD to live bagpipe, but this is nice ... will add to upcoming WUaS Scottish Country Dance wiki subject ... ...


Just learned of the music library on These were all recorded my Jack Lee (who has won every major prize in piping) on the pipes in the last few years and include some real gems, such as the Fiddler's Rally, David Ross of Rosehall and others. They now have over 1,400 tunes on our site available for download. This is quite a treasure! ... will add this as reference to WUaS to and,_Piobaireachd_or_Ce%C3%B2l_M%C3%B3r pages. Looking forward to Jack Lee's upcoming course, beginning on January 19th, "Bagpipe Sound Essentials"... ...


... continuing to think about how to elicit bliss, and loving bliss, particularly vis-a-vis these Scottish arts ...

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