Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eubalaena glacialis: Innovate with free public education at the University level, FREE Syllabi & WUaS, Washington DC and Internet Law, Corporations

How to innovate with free public education at the University level? ... UC Berkeley and U Michigan are expensive, for example, and it's open to debate whether they are innovating. How to innovate with a MIT OCW, free-degree, online, university, public education here - - with the developing internet, is a fascinating question ... Wiki is one way to anticipate such ongoing developments, open to all, and for editing ...


"My Internet is broken today. Hitting that “all known thought” button on my toolbar gives me a quick, maddening glimpse of Wikipedia that is then overtaken by a black screen that asks me to “Imagine a world without free knowledge.” I just did and I didn’t like it, now can I have my Wikipedia back?" ... ... Here's World Univ & Sch's wiki, "Wiki," subject page - - for open teaching and learning about wiki, with an invitation to YOU, to edit a WUaS page, and to which I'm adding the above article ...


... will add this Wikipedia entry - ... ... to WUaS's wiki, "Wiki," subject page - ...


This distributed set of connections, partly for worldwide communication, called the internet, is changing things, and in Washington ... See Rebecca MacKinnon's germane, recent article on this the web and legal non-developments, and why …


Aaron Shaw's "A modest academic fantasy: free syllabi" (

Please check out World University & School's main Subjects' page ... with its many, extensible, academic subjects: Each subject has a 'Select Syllabi' section, - see, for example, the WUaS Subject Template - - which is also how anyone can begin their own, new subject at WUaS. (Wiki had a number of "Society and Information Technology" syllabi but it was possibly trashed (censorship) and has seemed to move away from the Creative Commons side of things, now wanting monies to start up again). Wiki World University and School is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware, with free degrees planned, accrediting on MIT OCW.

If you know of already existing syllabi projects, WUaS is another good place to link their URLs.

Thanks for initiating this great idea and project!

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Colbert on "Corporations are People" ... ... apropos ...


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