Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hummingbird: Growing number of 'singing' links for open teaching and learning resources, Singing Harmony & Bass Lines, INTERACTIVELY & ONLINE at WUaS

The number of 'singing' links and resources on World University and School's wiki, 'Singing' page for open teaching and learning resources, (about kinds of singing which are really fun, in my experience), is growing - - and open ended.

I'm interested in helping them 'come alive,' in terms of open and skillful learning and teaching via the web.

For example, I'm facilitating an open Playing / Practicing Music Space ( on Wednesday evenings from 9 - 10 pm PT - where people can play what they're learning in a Google + group video chat hangout, or simply play, as one example - openly, freely, in a friendly way and easily.

A few people have come so far.

And I'd like to learn to Sing Walking Base Lines skillfully and improvisationally - - but haven't figured out this one, yet, :)

... and similarly with "Singing Harmony" ...

The most recent, WUaS singing page is

Let's explore music-making in fun and creative ways ...


... and especially with kids at Meeting, in schools, and all around.

Keep an eye out for video examples of people making and teaching music to (or learning from) kids, that we might improvise on (e.g. Bobby McFerrin).


Here's a great teaching and learning video with Bobby McFerrin at Davies Hall in San Francisco -

which I've added to WUaS Singing Harmony page above ...

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