Friday, January 13, 2012

Inca Trail Begonia: The Grateful Dead rock here, Dickey Betts jamming with Jerry Garcia, Gr@teful De@d Scarlet Begonias Greek Theater

The Grateful Dead rock here -

...may add some of these here ~ ...


Dickey Betts jamming with Jerry Garcia during the Grateful Dead & Allman Brothers show at RFK Stadium ...

... will look to add to -


Gr@teful De@d Scarlet Begonias Greek Theater 1988 ...

... right here in Berkeley in the Bay Area, just a few years ago ...


hard to handle 2-14-70 fillmore east ... grateful dead ...

... around valentine's day in nyc :)


I'm curious why Friday the 13th resonates superstitiously through history.

Why is superstition part of humans?

I hypothesize that it's a meme - a 'replicating, cultural unit' - which is associated with a number and day in this case, with some kind of negative experience. People repeat this, and talk about, and somehow the idea passes from brain to brain, bodymind to bodymind, possibly making some people feel bad.

It seems best to me to mimimize, or inhibit, its signifiance, if it has any significance, for anyone, (even as a kind of coping strategy).

And why not celebrate such days in a kind of reversal of this curious, negative Friday the 13th meme, as a creative opportunity, and, for example, go to a Dead concert online, and rock out. :)


How to learn to create concerts online? :)

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