Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In the space between warm water molecules, home at Harbin.

In the space between
warm water molecules,
home at Harbin. 

Fluid, water suit 
fits all, in all ways, 

Warm pool symbiosis, 
unfolds fluently, 
this water is live. 

Encompassed in warmth, 
releasing inside, 
warm pool surrounds, 

Tao is, 
in Harbin's warm water, 

Naked women are pretty, 
Harbin pool area-wise, ~ 

People become 
water birds, 
bathing at Harbin. 

One with nature, 
Harbin's waters' warmth serene, 
come again and again. 

People wax water primates, 
warm pool nude oneness. 

January sunshine, 
people walk naked 
in watery light. 

Harbin's hippies 
un-commune communally, 
warm pool-wise. 

No hippies here, 
in Harbin's warmth ~ 
just naked, h2o be-ins. 


Anonymous said...

As Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty also dwells in the heart of the poet

Scott MacLeod: said...

Thank you, Wendy Jayne ... also enjoyed your poem on your blog very much :)