Monday, January 16, 2012

Dragonflies: New, 'Complexity Theory,' wiki subject at WUaS, Great interview: MITX Fireside Chat w Joi Ito-MIT Media Lab, WUaS All Languages Media Lab

New, 'Complexity Theory' Wiki subject at WUaS - - with 3 MIT OCW courses, plus ...


Great interview: MITX Fireside Chat with Larry Weber & Joichi Ito, MIT Media Lab ... ... worth listening to ... I enjoyed it here when Joi was asked to comment on a number of different companies off the top of his head, and Joi suggested, about MIT and Stanford, that he was most interested in these as learning and innovation places (about which I'm interested vis-a-vis World Univ & Sch, especially as wiki ... Here's a subject page about Wiki at wiki WUaS ... with an invitation to edit ... (see also


One main goal of the INTERNET-CENTRIC Media Lab at World University and School is to allow people to innovate and play online, and not only eventual graduate students at also TECHNOLOGY-CENTRIC WUaS ... ... (also recently updated) ... with an invitation to YOU to 'edit this page.' WUaS is planning to be in 3,000-8,000 languages, and in around 200 countries, with an online Media Lab at WUaS in many ...

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