Saturday, April 20, 2013

Barbary lion: Nice to co-create your website, Noguchi, WUaS would like also to link and curate all museums, in all languages and countries, as wiki, Code editors vis-a-vis Android

Hi Nao,

Nice to co-create your website ...

Some further ideas:

I enjoy Isamu Noguchi's art, aesthetic and was interested to see where and how he emerges on the web, as an example of contemporary, art-inspired, web design, and found ... ... and ... ... and wonder vis-a-vis, for example, your interest in Laos and culture there, about thinking of developing your web site partly in terms of an online museum / cultural center (e.g. in a Google + Hangout), which you might then teach, hypothetically, to Laotians, so that they might become generators of their own online museums / cultural center, for example.

WUaS would like also to link and curate all museums, in all languages and countries, as wiki, - - as well as link, list and eventually possibly generate free, C..C. web museum design software. WUaS might partly do this with WUaS students in mind generating both their own museums / cultural centers, and in all languages and countries, and especially in the developing world. This could be linked to the Museums' page.

In addition, in thinking about generating and further designing your web site, it would be great to keep in mind

- coding for smartphones, i.e. Android OS, iPhone OS, C.C. digital glasses, and C.C. virtual worlds

- databases / SQL

- PayPal and online payment

- getting into Google Hangouts

While its good to learn as we are with KompoZer, Dreamweaver allows great drag and drop placement of elements such as your "art.html" link, for example, with precision.

Also, when I look at your new website in Android on my smartphone - (adding the www can help access your site in some browsers) - and compare it with mine in Android - - I see the benefits of centering everything, adding color, as well as bolding some text.

Here are some initial code editors and related information vis-a-vis Android ...

Just some various thoughts about building your art and website.

Fun to create with you.



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