Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cumberland Sandwort: World University and School, in English, is LAUNCHED

World University and School, in English, is basically launched.

If you are a high school student actively interested in applying to free, online, Creative Commons' licensed, MIT OCW-centric World University and School in English, or know of one, this autumn 2013 - with complete applications due by January 1, 2014, at 12 pm Pacific Time - please email WUaS now at - - with a brief letter just saying you're interested.

Here's the link to the developing Admissions office at WUaS page -

International students are very welcome.

~ Scott


For planning purposes, WUaS plans to accredit on

MIT OCW Audio Video Courses:

and classes will be in Google + Hangouts:


See, too, the World University and School blog ...


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