Thursday, April 18, 2013

Endangered Species' Peaceable Kingdom?: WUaS Development and Quaker students and World University and School in the SF Bay Area, The College at WUaS, I.B. Diploma Programme, and Admissions' Department at WUaS

Hi Dorothy and John,

Thank you, Dorothy, for your email, and thank you, John, for proactively initiating our communication here, and your epistle to Dorothy.

I'm planning to be with Quaker kids at San Francisco Friends' Meeting this First Day, which is over around 12:30, and it would be great to meet in person with both of you.

Here are some possibilities:

Since Strawberry Creek Meeting is about 5 blocks from the Ashby BART station at 2701 Martin Luther King Jr Way  Berkeley, CA 94703 (510) 524-9186, (in south Berkeley) John and I could come back from SFFM together (by car or BART) and I could invite you both for a coffee around 1:15, near the Strawberry Creek Meeting House, and John could return to SF via BART.

As an alternative, I've twice attended enjoyable, Woolman Semester events at Cindy (whom I'm copying in this email) and Peter T's home in Oakland, and it could be great to attend this one as well, especially since Quaker-informed, MIT OCW-centric, free (since C.C.) World University and School is planning both The College at WUaS - - (with students first applying this autumn 2013 and matriculating in autumn 2014) as well as an International Baccalaureate high school diploma programme perhaps beginning in 2015 ( - as online schools (Admissions' department -, and welcomes Friendly students (especially Quakerly creative and overachieving ones - e.g. think Henry Cadbury ... and John has two degrees from Harvard, one of which is from the Divinity School, where Henry Cadbury once taught, I think). I can potentially give John a ride back to BART in Oakland after this event.

And Woolman Semester's gap, high school semester ( - which is accredited by WASC, and WUaS plans probably to accredit with WASC senior, after getting California state approval from BPPE) could dovetail very well with both WUaS schools (in English, to begin), in terms of Development as well as vis-a-vis Quaker students, and in a variety of other ways.

John, are you possibly available to travel to the East Bay this Sunday afternoon?

With F/friendly greetings,


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