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Leaves on the ground: New, WUaS, wiki Subject pages and blog entries, since the last WUaS open hour-long monthly business meeting on March 8th ... see, too: ...

Here are new, WUaS, wiki Subject pages and blog entries, since the last WUaS open hour-long monthly business meeting ... ...

b. New WUaS  wiki (editable) Subject pages:




Chamber Music

Estonian language

Khmer language

Croatian language



Greek language

c. Blog entries:

African sun: WUaS monthly business meeting is open and hour-long and meets tomorrow at 9 am PDT

Mountain sagewort: think of the 12 main links ... Languages, Countries, Applications to WUaS ... Music School ... Research ... in the table on this page as a kind of HOBBIT HOLE from JRR Tolkien ... at ... ... "Gandalf in the meantime was still standing outside the door ... ," The portal is made ..., The possibility of a WUaS universal translator, which will include human invented languages, such as the Elvish language, called Sindarin, created by Tolkien, for example, in addition to the 7,105 languages listed in the "The Ethnologue" and because WUaS is wiki, Some Elvish language, or Sindarin language, resources

Fumaria purpurea: Excited that the new ... ... will likely link to the interlingual WIKIDATA via MEDIAWIKI in all 7,105 languages ... while the current ... worlduniversityandschool.htm ... without the ... 'interlingual/' or the 'L' at the end ... in its domain name ... will remain linked to the existing current 658 WIKIA wiki pages that currently make up World University and School, This is a big WUaS step toward becoming a global university, and the top link is the very beginning of this, thanks to qLabel, More 'how-to' information, MIT OCW courses, and much more here at these WUaS - 'Database Systems' and 'Wiki' Subject pages

Prairie Coreopsis: Curiouser and curiouser ... good audio version of "Alice in Wonderland" ... which you'll find on the 'Alice in Wonderland' wiki page for open teaching and learning at WUaS

Wild apple tree flower: World University & School ~ Update: Access WUaS's Main, Wiki Pages from here ~ ! Free, C.C., MIT OCW-centric, university degrees planned!, Computer applications for developing WUaS, Open WUaS monthly business meeting this Saturday, Starting MediaWiki

Scottish Primrose: Great anti-war image ... The end of war? AFSC's Eyes Wide Open campaign, Long time UC Berkeley and USC Prof. Manuel Castells made the argument in an UC Berkeley course in 2000 that the nature of war has changed dramatically due to Information Technology, Here's Manuel Castells himself on war in the information age in a UC Berkeley interview from 2001, AFSC's anti-war campaigns, now for nearly a century, and beginning in the name of Quaker conscientious objection during WW I, by organizing to provide alternative service opportunities to COs, may have developed in a parallel way, from providing materiel then to media images such as the ones above

Scottish thistle: Question of how to play music - bagpiping in this instance - 2 hours per week 3 times socially (so six steady social hours of play), as fun, In what ways will we be able to do this virtually - in a Google + Hangout from home - in generatively fun ways, especially!?, 'Scottish smallpipes and borderpipes,' 'Scottish Country Dancing,' 'Great Highland Bagpipe,' 'Piano,' WUaS wiki subject pages, In many ways, this is an exploration about 'Practicing - Playing a Musical Instrument,' and I'll post this blog entry to the WUaS wiki page of this name; there's a label in this blog called 'practicing'

Nicobar Pigeon: I hope World University and School's planned university press - in many, many languages and countries - will bring back into print, especially, many great university presses' authors' out of print books, Publishing is a key academic conversation, This would involve a lot of navigating of copyright questions, but it would also potentially provide a steady revenue stream, as well as further share great ideas; the internet and information technology will make this much easier, And WUaS's plans to create many, many, great academic jobs, MIT OCW-centric, WUaS's STEM-centricity as well as its planned Ph.D., law and medical degrees, in many languages and countries, will also articulate well with its Academic Press

Planets: Wow ... you heard Steeleye Span and Jethro Tull!, Great folk rock music from the 60s/70s, lucky these days to be able to be picky (e.g. with Pandora and Spotify) about what great music we can listen to by both those groups, Ode as poetry form, read Wordsmith and Keats since they are most likely to 'rock' for me?, How to bring a folk rock 'program' (computer programming metaphor) in contemporary Internetity (Information Age) parlance, to Scottish Country Dance sheet music, What's the "Hair: the Tribal Love Rock Musical" musical program?, Sheet music section here at the wiki Music School at WUaS, Friends, SFFM, WUaS as a kind of ministry even?, Heading for releasing meditation, Friend Edward Planetflight, Folk rock music and Programming wiki subjects at WUaS

Yellow-blotched map turtles: Excited to connect our learning of where vision is processed in the brain, for example - - with brainwave headsets {look for resources over time here at 'Brain Computer Interface' at WUaS -}, and eventually into something like the Oculus Rift, especially as OpenSim and the Oculus Rift become more realistic, and for virtual Harbin as ethnographic field site ... Check these far-reaching videos out :) ... Excited after my first actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs book is published to focus the second one, possibly, in the field site with the Oculus Rift from one's own bathtub, for warm water releasing meditation, which can be so wonderful at Harbin

Red-necked pond turtles - Mauremys nigricans: Engaging Harvard talk today ... "Pop-Up Learning: The Future of MOOCs and Online Education" by Jeff Young ... with an introduction by Harvard Law Professor Charles Nesson, Check out Creative Commons' licensed (so free), MIT-centric, online World University and School, which is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, with plans for online, university degrees (bachelor, Ph.D., law and medicine, as well as high school International Baccalaureate diplomas) in large languages, - and wiki schools in all 7,105 languages and 242 countries; Wikipedia, by way of comparison, is in 287 languages and we all wrote it, and MIT OCW has around 2,150 courses, and is in at least 8 non-English languages

Mandarin duck: Added this great article - "Learn Chinese online: 36 excellent free resources" ... to the Mandarin (Chinese) World University and School, planned to become an extensive, online MIT OCW-centric online university, and in Mandarin Chinese!, - paralleling the other United Nations' languages', wiki, subject pages, which will become MIT OCW-centric, WUaS universities, also in those languages, All these beginning universities are accessible from the main, Languages' wiki page at WUaS, each a major, MIT OCW-centric World University and School in the making, See, too, - MIT OCW Translated Courses -

Red fox: How to grow World University and School? ... Derek Sivers: How to start a movement ~ Do so Passionately - While blogging almost everyday about World University and School for more than 5 years, and now in two blogs, in the information age, and on the Internet, is a form or quality of passion - defined as "strong and barely controllable emotion" (Apple 2.x dictionary) I hope I can learn a kind of Jimmy Wales-like informed passion, which has given rise to Wikipedia in all 287 languages, and with its new Wikidata interlingual database, How to develop specific kinds of passion (Musical, Inspiring, Friendly, NtF) ... watch the video :)

Beach Sheoak - casuarina equisetifolia: Different Societies to adopt specific WUaS, wiki, subject pages, - that are becoming schools? For example, the Nontheist Friends' (atheist Quakers?) wiki subject page at WUaS, an open school in the making, might be flourishingly adopted by the Nontheist Friends' group, Similarly the MIT OCW-centric, Chemistry, wiki, subject page might readily be adopted, for example by American Chemical Society, which has a significant education focus, ... even as WUaS seeks to develop further collaboration with MIT, especially as WUaS grows into all 7,105 languages and 242 countries, Similarly with Physics, Biology, Mathematics, plus ...

spiral stars: Wanting to explore writing a haiku-ish inspired by the Harbin pools with words from my Dalton Friends' letter ... which is loving and caring, and about love and care …

Baby cheetahs: Inspiring ... Wendy Sue Swanson MD, Seattle Mama Doc, and also with her focus of interweaving medicine and the internet , Added these to World University and School here - Pediatrics, Medicine, Internet Studies, Happiness, Beings Enjoying Life ... but haven't added anything yet by Professor Wendy Sue Seattle Mama Doc Swanson MD to the beginning, online Medical School at WUaS - ... or Hospital - first in English

Naaskelnokk Tõnu Ling (avocet in Estonian): Agenda item to WUaS's open monthly business meeting on Saturday, April 12th to postpone WUaS seeking our first matriculating undergraduate class in English from autumn 2014 to autumn 2015

Slavonian Grebe: Beginning Estonia wiki subject page at WUaS which is also the beginning of the MIT OCW-centric Estonia World University and School, and which will eventually be in both English and Eesti, and other languages

Big-eyed Bongo Antelopes: Glad Angela Farmer is teaching at California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco this April 2014 ... There's much here on the open, 'Yoga,' page at wiki World University and School of Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten's inspiring Yoga ... One of the most enjoyable online yoga practices in video I know of - Nicky Jones' "From Burnout to Bliss"

Dancing Animals: The 'ecology of attention' in families is relatively unexplored, in my readings, in many or most psychological traditions ... and 'me' meme-ism ('me' as replicating, cultural unit, as a first definition only) gets mediated by different churches / religious traditions / cultures / places, and even music, in very different ways, The Grateful Dead generated great 'ecologies of attention' to my way of listening ... :)

Monarch Butterfly, Santa Cruz, CA: Creative Commons License Version 4 for Education ... updating on World University and School pages, Glad the new CC 4 license explicitly mentions commercial use, Here's Stanford Professor Larry Lessig in (2006), now at Harvard, on "Prof. Lawrence Lessig Explains Creative Commons Licensing" - and has been accessible at "Creative Commons' Law," WUaS, wiki, subject page

Summer tanagers: Peter Maxwell Davies: An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise (1985) with pipes ... Didn't realize that a pipers' "A" is a "B flat" and pipers often have to tape their chanters to play this piece in the symphony, Online musical score for Peter Maxwell Davies' "An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise," While I enjoy this piece, and the innovations it represents, and the compositional pathbreaking Davies engages in ... I'm particularly curious about stellar bagpipe music, compositions and playing that really move me (loving bliss-wise plus) ... and currently for me Stuart Liddell, Gordon Duncan and Jack Lee's come closest, as well as specific tunes ... :)

Indian Robin: Oculus Rift digital goggles with Second Life, interactive, virtual world newly in them ... Great ... Draxtor Despres, (who does Machinima film about, in, and with buildable and imagination-stimulating SL), interviews Jo Yardley about SL in the Oculus Rift and developments therein ... Excited about interactive, movie realism in the future, as well as connecting such goggles to brainwave headsets, and as they develop over the decades, All of which will be the focus of the second volume in my Harbin book project

Golden-rumped tinkerbirds: On fans taping the Grateful Dead concerts, "the tapers," and the GD's taping culture, Recall having friends at Reed in the early 1980s with great tape decks who recorded the Dead often at many concerts, The Grateful Dead's taping culture is an interesting example in light of today's internet and intellectual property questions, including especially Creative Commons' Law; It would be interesting to trace the meandering course from GD taping to C.C.

Brown Fish Owls: The Center for Language Study, a shared course initiative between Columbia, Cornell and Yale Universities, has offered courses in the following languages thus far, since Fall 2012 - Bengali, Dutch, Modern Greek, Khmer, Romanian, Tamil, Classical Tibetan, Ukrainian, isiZulu, WUaS has the following related beginning schools and universities, Added Yale's Nelleke Van Deusen's video here at WUaS ... 'Languages' and 'Educational Software,' Some Yale Daily News' articles about 'The Center for Language Study Shared Course Initiative'

Black-headed ibis: 'Before' and 'after' of some emails to the Nontheist Friendly planning group email list of my draft to Quaker "Friends Journal"

Bee eaters in flock: Great ... specific, online, smaller-language learning initiatives between great universities (Yale, Cornell, Columbia ...) ... plus digital 'classrooms,' plus examples ... Would it be at all possible for WUaS please to collaborate with the "Yale Center for Language Study Shared Course Initiative" as a strategic partner? WUaS is planning schools in all 7,105 languages

Yellow wattled lapwings: Nontheistically F/friendly draft letter to the Quaker "Friends' Journal," Continuing to explore enjoying Nontheistically F/friendly "de facto 'relaxation response meditations,' biologically," and daily, and deeply when I'm in the field doing fieldwork (for my Harbin ethnographic book project).

Ruby-throated hummingbirds: Texting between MJ and Scott about Honduras World University and School and my actual virtual Harbin Hot Springs' book and virtual world projects ~ The 'vision' of my actual / virtual Harbin book projects and WUaS, New, HONDURAS WUaS, Its new Head, President, Clerk, Admissions' page for WUaS's planned degrees

“Forest hermit” Indian pittas: ‘Neurophysiology, subjectively experienced’

Scissor-tailed flycatcher: Grateful Dead insights I'm learning from Phil Lesh's book, "Searching for the Sound," Grateful Dead resources at WUaS, and especially great videos, are growing -

Wire-tailed swallow: Foldable Paper Microscope … Great, 'Additive manufacturing or 3D printing,' 'Research,' 'Hardware Resource Possibilities,' wiki, subject page, - Stanford University - 'Namibia' and 'Botswana' World University and Schools, 'Botswana–Namibia relations,' Botswana languages, As wiki, WUaS facilitates open teaching and learning, and especially here in this wiki for Namibians and people in Botswana, as we begin to grow and hopefully create a flourishing, learning conversation, I hope MIT OCW-centric WUaS will begin to generate great Anthropology and Academic careers, and eventually in many languages

'Seeds in air: Traveling while studying at MIT OCW-centric World University and School, as an undergraduate over 4 years, for example, MIT OCW video courses will be what WUaS bases its majors, These subjects at WUaS and MIT OCW - Aeronautics, Astronautics, Anthropology, Architecture, Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, Biological Engineering, Biological_Engineering, Biology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Business Management, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Comparative Media Studies, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Systems Division, Foreign Languages and Literatures (eventually from many, large languages), Health Sciences and Technology, History, Humanities, Linguistics, Literature, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Media Arts and Sciences, Music, Nuclear Science and Engineering, Philosophy, Philosophy, Psychology, Society, Technology and Science, Special Programs, Supplemental Resources at WUaS, Theater Arts, Urban Studies and Planning, Writing - R elated, wiki, subject pages at WUaS, This is a very GREAT list of subjects and potential majors - thank you MIT OpenCourseWare!'

'Erythronium howellii: MINUTES for March 8 2014 Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School'


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