Tuesday, August 19, 2014

African Harrier Hawk: Fundraising ideas, Guidestar, pacing WUaS, and even meeting space in San Francisco?

Hi Universitians, 

I just had, yesterday, the 2nd free good (monthly) 45 minute conference call with Paul Jolly, a professional fundraiser, and friend from the SF Bay Area living in Adelphi, MD. He has many good fundraising ideas (vis-a-vis his company called Jump Start Growth) which he shares occasionally in his newsletter (http://www.jumpstartgrowth.com/ - and which I've mentioned before) ... 

And then he sent around this blog post today via Guidestar - http://trust.guidestar.org/2014/08/19/whoosh-doldrums-whoosh-the-power-of-an-ambitious-goal/ - which is also the information exchange for 501 (c) 3s tax exempt organizations affiliated with the IRS, where WUaS just got listed recently ... https://www.guidestar.org/organizations/27-3105368/world-university-school.aspx - and which new WUaS Board member, Jayni Shah and I are going to develop further .

WUaS will have to get focused with fundraising, pacing ourselves like swimming laps in a pool, is one idea I glean from this blog post, especially with an ambitious goal such as WUaS, (among many other good ideas in this blog post) to start generating monies ... On to pacing ourselves / myself with fundraising goals for WUaS ... 

May seek to begin to do this, as an exploration, at the Quaker Meeting in San Francisco on 9th Street, which is right across from Twitter's main offices and many other tech startups (for possible collaboration?), during business hours (I don't think the Friends' Meeting House is used during the week) ... and with other Universitians and fFriends who might find their ways there, especially for idea exchange and collaboration in person. 

Possibly as early as this Monday morning? ... will explore this possibility further with the House at San Francisco Friends Meeting.




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