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Flying fishes: Piping Live ... "The Worlds" ... in Glasgow ... "Inveraray and District - MSR" set with PM Stuart Liddell ... sweet ... Field Marshall Montgomery Wins with their, and Inveraray's, winning videos, Plus Grade 1 "March, Strathspey and Reel" videos, WUaS's wiki Great Highland Bagpipe page, How to enhance this for VIRTUAL learning by piping with top bands in "The Worlds?"

Piping Live ... "The Worlds" ... 

in Glasgow ... 

"Inveraray and District - MSR" set with PM Stuart Liddell ... 

... sweet ... (brought tears to my eyes actually) ...

Here are all of the Grade 1 bans' "March, Strathspey and Reel" videos ... .

( Hear "The Worlds" Live today here ... ) ... 

Here are the Grade 1 finalists

Hi R, 

In Glasgow, The Worlds' top bands' piping competition occurred today as you may know. 

Field Marshall Montgomery won again, and Inverarary and District took second place. 

Here are the videos from the MSR and the Medley:

Field Marshal Montgomery - MSR

Inveraray and District - Medley

And my favorite: 
Inveraray and District - MSR

(And another favorite of mine)
Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia - Medley

If you listen to more of these top bands - - what are some of your favorites? 

This is really stellar piping ... what is it about PM Stuart Liddell's musicality that's unique (I keep thinking and asking myself about)? 

Happy piping, :)

And here's Simon Fraser University pipe band from BC Canada, playing first the March "Miss Elspeth Campbell" (which I've been playing a lot these days, and will play with them for learning) of their MSR -

Will add these to World University and School's wiki GHB page ... ... 


It's already so easy to play with these Grade 1 bands on Internet video ... 

How to enhance this digitally for learning? 

From my blog post yesterday: 

"Hi R,


I'm piping with the WUaS Great Highland Bagpipe wiki page videos just now, and in harmony using the book "Seconds from the Edge." 

(I was just playing 'in' the Edinburgh Castle esplanade ... where I played as a 17 year old while attending Fettes College in Edinburgh in 1976-'77, playing in the Fettes' band :) ... 

Can you imagine doing this in the Oculus Rift (digital goggles), or similar, as they becomes more and more interactive, movie realistic, and for learning purposes? :)

Try playing "Green Hills of Tyrol" and "When the Battle is Over" in the Edinburgh Tattoo here -

Fanfare and March in

(Green Hills of Tyrol. 2010. Fanfare & March in - Diamond Jubilee. (at about 1:30 minutes, followed by "After The Battle" / "When the Battle Is Over") Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.
at ... :)

WUaS's wiki pages are proving (for me) to be a great way to personalize (my own) learning :) Feel wiki-free to engage them for this as well. 

Happy piping,


How to enhance this for learning by piping with top bands in "The Worlds?"



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