Monday, August 4, 2014

Ischnura heterosticta dragonfly: News - listing (affiliated with the IRS) for WUaS is now public, Free and open "Information Technology and the Network Society" course this autumn 2014, WUaS to focus on generating income, Please donate at, WUaS business school and Harvard's, Admissions, Hindi, Raga, and the WUaS Music School

Dear Universitians, 


- I'm very glad to say that the listing (affiliated with the IRS) for World University and School is now public: 

- Scott is planning to teach "Information Technology and the Network Society" (free and open) this autumn 2014 - - on Harvard's virtual island and in Google + group video Hangouts. 

- WUaS to focus on generating income. What's keeping WUaS from accrediting, from matriculating our first undergraduate class in English in autumn 2014, and from growing free, C.C. MIT OCW-centric degrees is our lack of financial resources. Please click the donate button on the new WUaS's web site -


Hi Jayn and Sach, 

Very nice to share a meal and talk with you.

I'll send you information about WUaS's monthly business meeting soon, as well, and am adding you, Sachi, to the monthly meeting email list. Would you like too to be on the sporadic Universitian list of possibly 5-20 per week, Sach?  

How could WUaS be helpful to you, Sach, as you head for Harvard Business School, and in planning for your career?

Here's the beginning "Business Management" wiki subject page (and eventually academic department) at WUaS plus links - - planned for many languages, and with many MIT OCW courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Eventually WUaS would like to offer online free CC Ph.D.s in this subject -

And here's the beginning "Hindi language" university and school at WUaS plus links - - not yet in Hindi, but check out the 1 MIT OCW course here. 

WUaS would like to become the MIT / Harvard of the Internet, become a significant employer worldwide, and as a startup, we're in a bootstrapping time, so please put on your university as business thinking caps and let's keep our conversation generative. 

What are some of your favorite ragas on Youtube for example - "Raga" ...  with an invitation to add them here  - - (and here's the related WUaS Music School ... 

Friendly regards, 



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