Monday, August 11, 2014

Spelunking / cave entrances: WUaS becoming a NACAC National Association for College Admission Counseling - provisional member, Admissions at WUaS, Common Application online to student applicants around the world, BPPE, WASC senior, WUaS at Guidestar

Dear Yan,

It was very nice to talk with you today on the phone from the San Francisco Bay Area about World University and School becoming a NACAC - ... National Association for College Admission Counseling - provisional member in good standing so that WUaS can then, for example, offer the Common Application online to student applicants around the world.

Admissions at WUaS -

I found the membership criteria listing for accrediting institutions here - (from here - ). I'm writing to ask if there are there any other costs than the $455 for this year
for universities annually that WUaS should know about?

From our conversation, I understood that WUaS would need to have begun accrediting with both BPPE (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education in the state of California) and, for example, WASC senior (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), since WUaS's physical address is in California - and be able to prove both of these, - to become a provisional member of NACAC? I just want to double check and inquire whether WUaS could have just begun the BPPE process and show proof of this, or will we need to have begun both BPPE and for example WASC senior and show proof of both of these?

As I mentioned on the phone, WUaS is a 501 c 3 tax exempt charity - - meeting another of the NACAC criteria.

Also, are there any other criteria WUaS should know of, or other information?

Please extend greetings from World University and School to President Katy Murphy if you could.

World University and School is planning to offer free (since Creative Commons' licensed) online MIT OCW-centric university and IB degrees in large languages, and first in English in the U.S.

Thank you.




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