Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Apis cerana: World University and School in MediaWiki, Great Wikidata tools, World University Realistic Detailed Proposal as a Set of Instructions

Hi Juan, Rob and She (and Rick) and sporadic Universitians, 

Here is an version of World University and School MediaWiki - - which I created this spring to give you an idea where I'm heading with it ... and which would eventually be coded with Wikidata and machine learning, and in all languages.

I'd like to facilitate good communication between us as a WUaS IT Development Team and anticipating machine learning in Wikidata, in terms of a kind of WUaS Wikidata Prototype. (S and I may become UC Berkeley iSchool fellows to develop this further also).

Juan and I have been texting about this some in terms of developing WUaS in MediaWiki: Yes, Juan, let's wait to hear back from Wikidata friends. As a start, however, planners and designers can also just look at the SUBJECT TEMPLATE - - and Wikia WUaS and build out from there in WUaS MediaWiki ... 

So there will be a little bit of a dance with WUaS, MediaWiki, your installation of MediaWiki for becoming acquainted with it, Juan, and the Wikidata folks timing-wise, but whatever the sequence of roll out, could I possibly please get access again to WUaS MediaWiki in the next while to begin developing it further? 

Thank you, All, 


Great Wikidata tools:

There's the research hub on meta at
For tools, explore the "Tools"
page at various wikis collecting a profusion of links.
I particularly like Atlasowa's collection of notes about a specific
subset at
and the deluge of awesome at


Asian black bear: World University and School's proposal to prepare to donate WUaS to Wikidata September 2015, World University Realistic Detailed Proposal as a Set of Instructions


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