Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mammatus clouds: Low Hanging Clouds

Low hanging clouds,
valleys both sides,
light grey  stills  the space
between the hills
on this glistening morn.

Four ridge lines east,
near-pristine California hills,
beyond the valley cloud,
I do observe,
which now rises, settles,
drifts on, tucks in and down ~
it fills its hollow perfectly.

The cloud on the other side,
to the west,
in the valley d'Canyon,
above the post office and school,
settles deeper, lowers ~
Taoist water dragon of vapor ~
sleeping, lumbering, hunkering,
a long watery form
between the green of the trees
of the vale on each side.

What is that song ... "All through the night?"
I sing this day,
on this jubilant light-filled morn!

The clouds, on both sides,
whisper themselves away,
and I take some photos
from my smartphone.

Scott MacLeod 
20 October 2015


{lenticular cloud}

{cumulus clouds}


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