Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sequoiadendron giganteum: Theorizing and Thinking about Psychology and Therapeutically, Evolutionary Biology?, Re-evaluation Counseling, DSM, Quakers/Friends?, Lacan, Language, Meditation

Nice to see you, Scot!
Here are some "exigencies of being human" resources re John Money and theorizing psychology  - ... and

re Jacques Lacan, this is a fascinating video of him from around 1970 in Belgium - - (from whose theory I depart from in terms of psychodynamic theory) and

re primatology (and by extension evolutionary biology, which is also a blog label here).

There are such "holes" in psychological theory in general, in terms of

effective psychotherapy, and which are further

complicated by socioeconomics' questions - and

... {especially re psychodynamic theory) and re primatology (and by extension evolutionary biology, which is also a blog label here}, and also

re Friends' hospitals, and subculture questions.

I'll explore a translation of the ancient Greek you sent with Wally!



re Re-evaluation counseling

intellectually interesting ...

and re learning too

all languages ...


re meditation

For a theory of psychology or body/mind for effective psychotherapy, see too:

Eastern cottonhead rabbit: Building on John Money’s exigencies in his section on “Concepts of Determinism” to inform a new kind of theory for talk psychotherapy and study of this clinically, What could such developments add to current outcomes, and especially in terms of diagnoses, as well as in terms of happiness-generation? {e.g engage music, engage loving bliss neurophysiology eliciting, engage Csikszentmihalyi's "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience," plus, ... as well as strategy vis-a-vis these exigencies to do so ?}, Develop this in the psychiatry department of Friends' Hospital in Philadelphia (in the context of medicine, psychiatry and Quakers)?, Here's Michael First, the author of the DSM V, in VIDEO talking about its recent publication - DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis: Meet the Author, "Psychiatry," "Psychology," "Psychotherapy," as well as the "Hospital" wiki subjects at WUaS


Swiss mountains: Dr. Raul Moncayo interviews on Jacques Lacan ... John Money ... Primatology ... HAI ... Harbin Hot Springs ... virtual HAI at Harbin ... intellectually interesting ... Theorizing psychotherapy / psychoanalysis anew, and in the information age, and re WUaS, Virtual Harbin, France WUaS as Harvard of the Internet in French?, Quakers and Pyschoanalysis, Caring and love ... as neurophysiology?



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