Monday, December 14, 2009

Sri Lanka Frogmouth: Building a Universitian Community, Generate Cultures of Loving Bliss?, How can Bodyminds Generate Omega 3s Naturally?

At this point, building an Universitian community - like Wikipedians, who have produced around 14 million articles in 175 languages since 2002 - is my greatest interest. If, for example, students and learners all over the world begin to teach to their web cameras and post to World University & School, we'll help ...the internet develop in significant ways, as well as learn. Please spread the word, and let's converse about this.



How to generate cultures of loving bliss, and naturally? And so that the State becomes irrelevant a disappears? Modernity rewrites a lot e.g. Amish, an Anabaptist protest movement expressly against modernity. Are India and spirituality, which leads to goodness, examples - with the comforts of modernity?


How can bodyminds generate omega 3s naturally, besides through the related processes of movement and music?


Various groups in World University & School as improvisational, chamber musicians or raga or rock musicians - over decades ... :) ?


would like Stanford & Cal to be key sources for in-class courses (streamed to web & virtual worlds) as the free, open World Univ & Sch grows


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Sri Lanka Frogmouth

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