Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bonobo Kiss: Bonobo Loving Bliss ... Poetry of Loving Bliss

Bonobo Loving Bliss

Apart so long, now
back to Harbin,
the soft,
autumn rains
fall again.

Where are you?
Into the pools,
free once more, in the warmth,
but with little hugging
here, this eve.

Loving bliss,
Bonobo poetry
sings about being close,
and sexuality,
and wondrous,
bodymind neurochemistry, ~
all lyrical and luminous.

And Harbin is as close
as we come,
in human ken,
in my experience,
to Bonobo life,
where milieu
is great, and with
so much potential for
marvelous, open intimacy.

Yet Harbin's humans
seem restrained these days,
despite being free here, -
emerging from the 1960s and '70s.
Perhaps it's the times,
and the age?

Why not Bonobo life?
Four to five hours ~
possibly more -
of intimacy & sexuality a day -
and, further ~
with loving bliss?
All's possible :)
What do
primatologists say?

And Bonobo life -
Let's sing love here -
with empathy, delight,
sympathy, centered caring,
tenderness, sensitivity,
ineffable ecstasy,
incredibly positive -
potentially lifelong -
feelings of connection,
sublimity, kindness,
love in the air,
an understanding of developing,
mutual otherness,
mirthful, playful freedom in mind, words and gestures,
thoughtfulness, dating,
cuddling/physical intimacy/sensuality,
making love (intimate and warm)~coitus,
a delightful, “glowing” party,
ongoing smile ~
sincere and charming affection ~
“flow” experiences (see Csikszentmihalyi)
with a community / network across generations,
openness, generosity,
coming closely in tune with good friends,
fulsome trust,
anticipatory, beneficial surprises,
sweetness, nurture,
receptivity {to love}, sharing,
hail gladdening love,
non-harming, altruistic engagement,
acts of kindness ~ voluntarism,
considerateness, cordiality,
congeniality, collegiality,
flourishing (viz. eudaimonia),
warm, radiant fun,
sociable, flirtatious, &
gleeful inner & outer movement,
which some people experience while dancing,
having a ball with you,
euphoric merriment,
cherishing as well as feeling / being cherished,
(love-related) passion,
the numinous,
old friends,
an unburdened feeling of lightness of being,
falling in love,
the fun of raising / being with kids,
cheeriness, positive psychology,
following your bliss,
well-received, intense, salutary interest,
the deep, inward release
which comes in remarkable /
easing moments
and which is cultivatable,
deeply exuberant, beneficent pleasure with another ~ a partner ~ a love,
best friends, understanding,
reverie, friendliness -
what gives you joy? -
imagination to love profoundly
and then to love,
wholesomeness, well-being,
peace, peace of mind,
and at peace-ness,
being in love, ahimsa {non-harming},
a good connection,
virtue, esp. of transcendent,
jubilant love, helpfulness,
doing good, loving touch
(e.g. a gentle hand, hugs, massage, Watsu*Waterdance {Wassertanz} & more),
singing "I love you,"
the inspiration for the creation of great,
loving art,
rich, bountiful inventiveness / imagination in amity,
Harbin Hot Springs,
heart consciousness,
the neurochemistry of romantic
love~heightened levels of four neurotrophins, -
i.e. NGF, BDNF, NT-3, and NT-4,
loving bliss ~
*MMmmm ~ loving bliss and practices for this*~
(naturally, and with many qualities,
but ecstasy is a reference experience ~>
oxytocins~dopamine~seratonin, endorphins),
practicing loving bliss vis-à-vis a musical instrument,
wonderful, oceanic wholeness,
free love, happiness, contentment,
the joy / rapport / 'reading' of minds that goes on between two (or more) skillful musicians / listeners, who are improvising,
love letters, harmony love fests,
love is the answer,
loving bliss as friends,
the thought, experience, and generation of love,
quiet wisdom ~ love of wisdom,
and sophisticated, intuitive caritas.

To elicit loving bliss
neurochemistry is indeed
yet unexplored fully.
Possible but how?
Music as metaphor
offers a rich beginning.
And with openness and trust?
Like Bonobo
musical instruments?
Yes. :)

( - December 31, 2009)

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