Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Natural Hot Springs: Harbin Thoughts, Great Hot Springs in the West, Harbin Moves Energy Around

Some people in the Harbin sauna mentioned the following hot springs as great:

Saline Valley Warm Springs, California, east of the Sierras
Orvis Hot Springs in Colorado
Deep creek Hot Springs near Hesperia, California
Travertine along the eastern Sierra, south of Bridgeport, CA (soak.net)


One Harbin, hippie friend - very colorful and exploratory - in the dressing room at Harbin told me she's going to the Rainbow Gathering in New Zealand for the Rainbow Gathering, and then on to Thailand for a world trip. She's probably in her mid 50s, and a free and happy spirit.


I was talking with Bubblemeister, who has made many of the beautiful metal sculptures at Harbin {e.g. the amazing Dragon Gate, the whale in the water in the hot pool, the curvy metal railings with sculptural elements in the hot pool, the new wing on the wall above the warm pool}. He said the dragon's tail is 27 ft long, and its tongue, also long, is around 2 feet. This sculptor lives in Middletown and comes to Harbin frequently.


On this very cold morning, no one was in the warm pool when I went in at around 8 am. Surprised, I had never seen this before. These few days this winter in the S.F. Bay Area have been really cold.


People seem really free and happy at the Harbin dances. Perhaps it's just the dancing itself, because in Berkeley life seems a little more urban and intense and individualistic - lwith ess freedom, communitas and nature 'in the air.'


I think these are good years for Harbin in many ways.


The ease in the Harbin pools is so salutary every time. I think creating a worldwide network of pools has a lot of merit.

I was pretty aware of exploring eliciting bliss at the dance. I think this can help elicit it.


light show this morning at home in Canyon ...


Time at Harbin ... to be explored ....

Seasons - winter at Harbin is quieter ...


Biggest recent native fauna at Harbin




in the groove


Guru language / patterns at Harbin is fascinating. Why are this language, and related patterns, at Harbin. The 1960s gave rise to this.

How to engage with what I call the guru-dramas at Harbin? They are prevalent.

Women dancing for men? An African American woman danced right up to me - in a fun way, and provocatively ...


To camp is key for me in the Harbin experience - simple, rustic, close to nature


When it's cold out the warm and hot pools make everything better.

There aren't a lot of jobs in Lake County, California, especially in winter for Harbin folks.


Rebelliouness was a big part of the 60s and counterculture {in the word itself} -

Is talking in the hot pool an expression of this?


The new copper bird wing on wall above warm pool - rainbow symbol - Harbin as Rainbow


I met a beautiful woman northern California - 'up north' (originally from Connecticut)

Sad, with tears in her eyes - moving to Hawaii to study massage - she was re-orienting after breaking up with her boyfriend

& her friend, with dreads, is driving cross country to Florida to catalog a woman's library for a month

I wondered about the first woman's 're-orientation.' It's as if she recognized that re-directing her female attachment in another direction is what she needed to do. Women's attachment to men - this neurophysiology - is interesting.


Matchmaking at Harbin takes on new meaning in its beautiful milieu, with clothing optional-ness - how it works ...


normative language of Harbin in the past - hip, cool, astrological, pot smoking, workshopping

move some energy around

Harbin moves energy around ...



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